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12 Best Low-Cost Franchises If You Want to Start a Business for Cheap

From staffing and B2B services to home services and child transportation, these franchise concepts won’t cost franchisees an arm and a leg.

Franchising offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to operate under established brand names while enjoying the benefits of owning their own business. And, best of all, with so many different low-cost franchise concepts to choose from, diving into entrepreneurship doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Here are 12 of the best low-cost franchises for aspiring business owners who want to start a business on a budget in 2024.

Taxi Mom

Start-Up Costs: $85,835 to $117,500

Initial Franchise Fee: $50,000

Taxi Mom is a franchise known for providing a safe and reliable transportation service for children. Operating from the comfort of their own home, franchisees deliver a vital service to their community by providing safe, cost-efficient transportation for children to and from school. Taxi Mom's distinctive door-to-door subscription service ensures that parents have peace of mind about their children's safety. Franchise partners benefit from becoming part of an exclusive network focused on their success.


Start-Up Costs: $81,400 to $130,000

Initial Franchise Fee: $50,000

Preservan presents a timely solution to the pressing issue of wood rot, offering its own proprietary epoxy resin system to rejuvenate deteriorating wood structures. With a mission to preserve architectural heritage while addressing immediate needs, Preservan presents a unique, home-based franchise opportunity that combines innovation, environmental responsibility and a timely response to evolving consumer values.

P3 Cost Analysts

Start-Up Costs: $68,690 to $79,035

Initial Franchise Fee: $59,500

P3 Cost Analysts offers services to help businesses reduce expenses in areas like utilities and telecommunications. For individuals exploring business-to-business (B2B) opportunities, P3 Cost Analysts emerges as a notable contender, offering a unique service to clients with the backing of industry experts. Recognized for its innovation in the franchise industry, P3 Cost Analysts provides franchisees with a home-based, executive-level business model.


Start-Up Costs: $100,595 to $120,595

Initial Franchise Fee: $47,000

Fibrenew specializes in the repair of leather, plastic and vinyl, a service in demand across various industries. Fibrenew's mobile-based service is strategically aligned with the current economic environment, where both consumers and businesses are eager to minimize expenses. This franchise offers a cost-effective alternative to replacement, meeting a critical need across diverse sectors such as automotive, residential, commercial, medical, marine and aviation. 

All Dry Services

Start-Up Costs: $87,749 to $275,300

Initial Franchise Fee: $49,500

All Dry Services began with a focused mission to assist both homeowners and business owners during the challenging recovery periods after disasters. With a clear goal of restoring properties to their pre-disaster condition, the company strives to offer reassurance and peace of mind during critical times involving emergencies, disasters or accidents. This dedication to quality service, along with a widespread network of franchises and a commitment to continuous improvement, has positioned All Dry Services as a prominent leader in the restoration industry.

Senior Care Authority

Start-Up Costs: $73,140 to $99,040

Initial Franchise Fee: $52,500

Senior Care Authority has emerged as a leading brand in senior placement and eldercare consulting. A franchise with Senior Care Authority provides crucial services that assist families and their elderly loved ones in making complex and significant decisions. This franchise offers a vital resource in guiding families through the often intricate processes of planning and managing eldercare solutions.

Patrice & Associates

Start-Up Costs: $90,050 to $92,750

Initial Franchise Fee: $82,000

Patrice & Associates is a recruiting franchise that helps thousands of managerial and executive-level candidates every year find rewarding jobs in the hospitality, restaurant and food service industries. The labor market has experienced a tectonic shift in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, with an exodus of Baby Boomers retiring en masse, paired with a dwindling birth rate, leading to a significant labor shortage. With strong brand recognition, a flexible business model and a growing footprint, Patrice & Associates has established itself as a leading franchise opportunity in the staffing industry.

TruBlue Home Service Ally

Start-Up Costs: $65,050 to $91,400

Initial Franchise Fee: $44,900

TruBlue Home Service Ally offers a mobile franchise model focusing on handyman, home maintenance and senior modification services, aimed at providing busy adults and seniors a worry-free lifestyle. This model allows new franchisees to start quickly after training without the delays associated with physical store locations. The low initial costs and minimal overhead contribute to rapid profitability. With the increasing senior population, TruBlue franchises are seeing booming business opportunities nationwide, providing flexible work hours and a valuable service to the community, enhancing safety for seniors and peace of mind for their families.

Right at Home*

Start-Up Costs: $88,700 to $160,725

Initial Franchise Fee: $49,500

Right at Home is the largest and fastest growing in-home senior care franchise. Most Right at Home offices are independently owned and operated and directly employ and supervise all caregiving staff. Right at Home has positioned itself as an industry leader as the senior care sector is expected to grow by leaps and bounds, giving franchisees the chance to make a difference in their local communities by becoming the leader of their own business.

Footprint Floors

Start-Up Costs: $79,955 to $114,480

Initial Franchise Fee: $68,000

Footprints Floors* specializes in installing hardwood floors, tile floors, backsplashes and laminates. The brand offers franchisees a scalable business model in which they don’t have to build or lease a showroom, nor are they limited to any particular set of brands when completing a job. Owners hire subcontractors for jobs, which allows them to focus on exceptional service and strong managerial leadership instead of navigating real estate and inventory — or worrying about eventual scaling costs.

Caring Transitions

Start-Up Costs: $63,562 to $108,612

Initial Franchise Fee: $48,900

Caring Transitions, founded in 2006 in Cincinnati, is the first national franchising concept specializing in senior relocation and transition services. When it comes to the business model, Caring Transitions offers an affordable, low-overhead, home-based concept to help franchisees keep costs low and profit potential high. Caring Transitions franchisees can also tap into multiple profit centers and customizable client solutions that allow them to scale their business, increase profitability and satisfy the growing demand for senior care services. Profit centers include on-site and online liquidation/estate sales, relocation/re-settling services, declutter and downsizing services and residential clean-out services.  


Start-Up Costs: $62,342 to $69,342

Initial Franchise Fee: $44,995

BooXkeeping is a bookkeeping franchise that combines professional expertise with genuine human connection to provide cutting-edge bookkeeping services for small and medium-sized businesses, franchisees, franchisors, CPA firms and more. When it comes to the day-to-day business, BooXkeeping offers franchisees a low-cost, home-based model that prioritizes a rewarding work-life balance. The bookkeeping industry presents a stable and growing market opportunity, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19, where the need for outsourced bookkeeping services has surged.

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