1851 Franchising Weekly Rewind
1851 Franchising Weekly Rewind

Check out the hottest franchising headlines from the past week.

IHOP is Turning its Frown Upside Down
After 20 years, the IHOP logo is getting a facelift — really. The apparently frowning face of the IHOP logo will be getting a modern update that harkens back to the brand’s 57-year history and features the red and blue color scheme. The new logo will create a smiling face by positioning the O and P as eyes and adding a smile underneath. This comes on the heels of the pancake house testing out a new redesign at several of its locations.
(From Mashable)

Taco Bell is Adding Alcohol to the Menu
Taco Bell has announced that customers will now be able to purchase alcoholic beverages at a new location set to open in Chicago this summer. The Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago will be the first U.S. location to serve beer, wine and “mixed alcohol freezes.” The location will also feature a new design that has already been launched in South Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom. The quick-service chain is trying to shed its fast-food image and appeal to more millennials by featuring local artists in the locations to make it look less cookie-cutter.
(From ABC News)

Subway to Remove All Artificial Ingredients from Menu
Another national brand has taken a stance against artificial ingredients and is removing them from its menu. Subway announced this week it will be dropping artificial ingredients and offering more natural foods. The brand plans to have the ingredients off the menu by 2017. A few of the changes include using turmeric instead of Yellow No. 5 to color banana peppers, and using vinegar rather than the preservative propionic acid in the turkey.
(From Time)

National Egg Shortage Threatens Fast-Food Breakfast
The U.S. is currently dealing with a national egg shortage as a result of the 2015 avian flu (bird flu). The bird flu has affected more than 44 million chickens. Due to the egg shortage, Whataburger is scaling down on its breakfast operations. The San Antonio-based fast-food brand will be serving breakfast from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. on week days. The breakfast hours used to go until 11 a.m.
(From Business Insider)

US Added 14,700 Franchise Jobs in May
According to ADP, U.S. franchise job gains hit their lowest levels in more than a year. The report showed that private-sector franchises increased by 14,720 jobs in May, or 0.2 percent month over month. The biggest growth was in the restaurant and auto parts and dealers sectors.
(From CNBC)