1851 Magazine Answers IFA's Call to Broadcast Franchise Industry's Story
1851 Magazine Answers IFA's Call to Broadcast Franchise Industry's Story

The Goal of the Campaign is Simple: To Give Clarity And Fair Representation Of What The Franchise Business Model Is All About

The numbers alone paint a picture of the immense impact franchising has on the U.S. economy. Every year, millions of Americans from all walks of life start businesses, find jobs and gain skills through the uniquely accessible franchise business model. Today, there are nearly than 800,000 franchise establishments representing 300 lines of business. Together, these business support nearly 8.9 million direct jobs and generate more than $890,000 billion in economic output.

And yet, despite the impact of franchising on the economy, the business model is misunderstood by the government and the public. The majority of franchises are small, independently-owned, local businesses. Last month, the International Franchise Association launched “@OurFranchise,” a campaign powered by real stories and powerful data, to educate the public, policymakers and the media about the franchise business model and its impact in every community across the country.

“Franchising represents the biggest trainer of jobs and creator of brighter futures in America, and maybe even in the world,” said IFA President & CEO Robert Cresanti, CFE. “We train more people for successful employment than even the U.S. military. We need to shout that story from the rooftops to help secure our future and ensure that even more people can use franchising to climb the ladder to success for decades to come.”

1851 Franchise, a leading news source for business and franchising, is happy to help spread that message. The goal, according to Cresanti, is simple: “To give clarity and fair representation of what the franchise business model is all about.”

Utilizing 1851 Franchise’s innovative storytelling platform, 1851 Franchise will help broadcast the real faces and inspiring stories of the millions of local franchise owners, employees and the contributions they create in their communities. Housed at IFA.1851Franchise.com, daily content will include new IFA member spotlights, which will directly align with the IFA’s @OurFranchise campaign.

“The media landscape is rapidly changing, yet the ability to take control of your own message has never been more powerful than it is today,” said Nick Powills, publisher of 1851 Franchise. “Working with the IFA, we will increase the association's capacity to convey the true story of franchising and ensure all IFA members can reach key audiences in the @OurFranchise campaign.”