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25 Franchise Opportunities Santa Would Love

Santa Claus is comin’ to town, and here are some of the franchise brands he can’t wait to visit while he is there.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means Jolly Ol’ Nick is on his way to spread some cheer and happiness to families across the world. As someone who has traveled quite a bit in his life, Santa is no stranger to the world’s vast array of wonderful franchise brands. In fact, some of those concepts have even made their way onto Santa’s “nice list,” as they make the old man’s difficult job just a little bit easier.

While the world wasn’t completely back to normal in 2021, the passion, creativity and dedication of franchise owners, employees and corporate team members allowed the franchise industry to stay strong. Now, this Christmas, 1851 Franchise and Santa are giving thanks by taking a look at the favorite franchises of old St. Nick. 

Child Care Franchises

Santa knows that children are the future, and that is why he has a soft spot for all franchise brands that invest in the future of our children. Here are some of the franchises Santa knows he can rely on to teach the world’s kids how to become compassionate and caring individuals like himself. 

Toy and Game Franchises

Santa has only so many elves to help him make all the toys for the good little girls and boys! Here are some of the toy and game franchises that Santa relies on when the ongoing labor shortage and supply chain disruptions impact his factory’s operations.

Christmas Light and Decoration Franchises

Let’s be honest, Santa is feelin’ himself. He loves seeing his face plastered up in windows, and he is obsessed with those epic Christmas-light displays that some houses put on in their front yard. Here are some of his favorite franchises when it comes to seasonal decor and outdoor lighting needs. 

Santa’s Favorite Food Franchises

If there is one thing Santa will never get sick of, it's the delicious cookies and milk left by the fireplace. But how does he get his fix the other 364 days of the year? The list below should give you a pretty good idea.


Milk (shakes/coffees):

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