3 Reasons to Watch Idolize Brows & Beauty
3 Reasons to Watch Idolize Brows & Beauty

1851 Franchise outlines how this spa is changing the game for beauty franchising.

Although eyebrow threading has been a staple of Asia and the Middle East for much of the 21st century, it didn’t become popular in the U.S. until the early 2000s. Idolize Brows & Beauty founder and CEO Mo Pandoria noticed the rising trend and decided to capitalize by opening the first Idolize spa in 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Over the next five years, the brand opened five additional corporate locations in North Carolina and Virginia. By 2015, they knew it was time to expand beyond the Southeast and began to cultivate a Corporate Office for Training and Development to set them up for franchising. With all of the process in place, Idolize officially began franchising in 2017. 1851 Franchise caught up with Pandoria and he shared three reasons why franchisees should take note of Idolize Brows & Beauty in 2018.

Capitalizing on Corporate Growth

Deciding when you should start franchising is always a difficult decision. For Pandoria, he knew it was time to capitalize on the success of his corporate locations. “I had gone up to six corporate locations and I realized that if I wanted to create faster growth and brand awareness that franchises would be the best route to go. It's an opportunity for us to get into areas of this country that we wouldn’t be able to do within the year. It's a faster way to grow our brand.”

Offering Unique Services

Idolize stands out from the crowded sector with their focus on eyebrow threading. Focusing on this niche market provided Idolize with little competition in a generally very competitive space. Once they found their customer base, they began to expand their services.

Panoria shared, “Our services set us apart from the other average spa serve. We started off as offering eyebrow facial and threading services, but we now offer other beauty services around. When we started, eyebrow threading was still fairly new in the states. We noticed people are interested in trying new things.”

The brand also welcomes walk-ins. Understanding that threading only takes a few minutes, clients are encouraged to stop by whenever it fits into their schedule. Clients enjoy not having to wait for an appointment and being able to fit threading into their routine.  

Focusing on Franchisee Success

After being a franchisee of a failed franchise, Pandoria knew he had to approach franchising differently. He watched his former franchise grow too quickly and not provide the support that was needed in order to succeed. Pandoria is committed to using his experience to shape how he works with Idolize franchisees.

“Our goal is to make sure our staff and franchises are successful, our clients are happy, and we have a stable growth period that’s not too fast or too slow. We want to grow each franchisee spa one step at a time.” He continued, “My goal is to make sure that every single franchise is successful and to make sure we are highly rated in the industry for a brand that supports their franchisee.”

Pandoria is excited about what the future holds for Idolize and can’t wait to introduce new customers across the U.S. “We want to be a household name in the industry. We want people to know that we are a trusted brand and we have a system in place that works that our clients love and that they come back over and over again.”