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5 Candy Franchises We Love

Sweet franchises to buy in 2022.

By Gabrielle GianinoContributor
Updated 11:11AM 01/13/22

The candy segment is a particularly sweet area of franchising to invest in, and one that continues to show resilience in a turbulent economy. When times are tough, consumers often find comfort in inexpensive treats. Candy franchises have also found opportunities to increase their offerings and diversify revenue streams for franchisees by incorporating ice cream, popcorn and other treats into their menus.

Here are our 5 of our favorite candy franchises to invest in this year.

River Street Sweets

Known for its southern-style treats, River Street Sweets offers pralines, saltwater taffy, handmade peanut brittle, pecan pies and more. The Savannah-based candy franchise started 46 years ago and has stuck to its old-fashioned roots, intriguing customers to go back to simpler times.

  • Unit Count: 19
  • Startup Costs: $399,800–$814,850


Based in Michigan, Kilwins has been in business since 1947. The brand started as a bakery but began making candy not long after its opening. Six years later, founders Don and Katy Kilwin sold the bakery and started focusing on making candy full-time. The Kilwins began franchising in 1982, and the brand has since grown to 150 locations. 

  • Unit Count: 150
  • Startup Costs: $423,251–$790,207

Peterbrooke Chocolatier

Peterbrooke Chocolatier began in 1983 with the goal of bringing the artistic style of European chocolatiering to the United States. This franchise offers small batches of handmade chocolates and chocolate-dipped snacks. In its 15 years of franchising, the company has grown to establish 25 locations and continues to seek new franchises worldwide, specifically in South America and Mexico.

  • Unit Count: 25
  • Startup Costs: $212,750–$333,500

Schakolad Chocolate Factory

Schakolad Chocolate Factory was founded in 1995 in Winter Park, Florida and began franchising in 1999. Since then, it has expanded to 18 locations. Schakolad Chocolate Factory shops feature handmade chocolates, including truffles, assorted boxes, and even chocolate body paint. This franchise is perfect for custom, delicious gifts.

  • Unit Count: 18
  • Startup Costs: $121,500–$153,500

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

  • Unit Count: 213
  • Startup Costs: $187,000–$477,000

With 213 units, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a clear consumer favorite. The Colorado-based candy shop started in 1981. Not only does it offer sweet chocolate treats, but it gives customers a full chocolate-factory experience, allowing them to watch exactly how the fudge is made and the apples are dipped.