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5 Celebrity-Owned Food Franchises

Celebrities don’t just work as singers, actors or athletes – many of them also own their own businesses simultaneously. Here are five franchises that were started by people who were already famous.

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Updated 8:08AM 04/01/22

Celebrities aren’t just well-known people who walk around all day looking pretty and dodging the paparazzi. They work hard – some of them so hard that they even decide to go out and start their own businesses. Believe it or not, many celebrities are franchisees with national brands, and then there are others who actually invest in or start their own food franchises. 

These are five celebrity-owned food franchises:


Wahlburgers was started by celebrity Mark Wahlberg and his brothers Donnie and Paul. There are 49 locations of Wahlburgers and limited territory currently available. Wahlburgers offers fresh burgers, fries and a variety of other items inspired by family dishes and created by Chef Paul (Paul Wahlberg).


Although only international locations of Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville are franchised, it gives global investors an opportunity to open a restaurant with worldwide brand awareness. What started as a restaurant has turned into a resort-style business featuring hotels, cruises and residences, in addition to its eateries and merchandise stores.

Blaze Pizza

The build-your-own pizza franchise got its start with an investment from NBA basketball player LeBron James. Blaze Pizza has been ranked as a top brand and the top fast-casual pizza franchise. Startup costs to own a Blaze Pizza franchise range from $319,800 to $858,000, with units available throughout the U.S.

House of Blues

A group of music-loving celebrities started House of Blues in 1992 in Massachusetts to celebrate live music, folk art and Southern-inspired food. Originally financed by Dan Aykroyd, Aerosmith, Paul Shaffer, River Phoenix, Jim Belushi and Harvard University, the House of Blues is now owned by the entertainment company Live Nation. It offers partnership opportunities to those who want to invest in the brand.

Rock & Brews

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley from KISS opened their own food franchise Rock & Brews. The brand offers customers a unique dining experience with a rock-and-roll based twist. Currently, there are Rock & Brews locations in California, Florida, Texas, Missouri and Kansas.