5 Healthy Lunch Options
5 Healthy Lunch Options

Kick your lunch break up a notch with these healthy and satisfying franchises.

If you know me, you also know that I have a longstanding lunchtime ritual that involves me noshing on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for about 215 of the last 228 business days. Crazy? Maybe, but I do have my reasons: It’s fast, and it’s much healthier than a greasy burger.

Like many of our readers, I work. A lot. Even so, it’s important to me to get a quick meal and still get some nutrients. Not everyone has the ability to eat the same thing every day, so here are five healthier food chains worth checking out on your next lunch break.
Pita Pit
A heathier alternative to the sandwich giants of the world, Pita Pit offers customers the chance to experience a Middle Eastern-style meal that abides by the brand’s motto, “fresh thinking – healthy eating.”

With more than 450 North American locations, finding a Pita Pit could be a matter of a quick walk down the block. With many locations situated near college campuses, Pita Pit is a great option for students on the go, as well. The brand’s website even has a nutrition calculator to help you decide which pita is right for you.

Smoothie King
The tagline, “smoothies with a purpose,” couldn’t be more accurate for this 700-unit chain. While reaching personal health goals can seem like a chore, Smoothie King turns nutritious smoothies into a satisfying treat. With more incredible smoothie combinations than you could imagine, there’s something for everyone at Smoothie King.

Light, green and packed with flavor, Freshii is turning heads and making healthy eating more accessible than ever. The true embodiment of clean eating, everything in the restaurant is biodegradable or can be easily recycled. Freshii has received a number of accolades in recent years and was even featured on Undercover Boss. My personal recommendation: the Kona Wrap.

Native Foods Café
In a quest to change the way Americans eat, Native Foods Café is redefining the quick-service restaurant. The chain’s menu is 100 percent plant-based and continually changing with the seasons. While Native Foods isn’t on every street corner, the brand is quickly gaining popularity across the country. This is a guilt-free lunch that still tastes great.

Hailed by many as the country’s number one salad franchise, Saladworks continues to toss out fresh dining options that are quick and easy. Not feeling particularly green today? Don’t worry; they serve delicious soups and sandwiches, too. Keep a lookout for a Saladworks in your city; in 2015, the chain was purchased by a private equity firm, which means they’re primed to start popping up all over.