5 Tips for using Facebook Advertising for consumer lead generation: Part 1
5 Tips for using Facebook Advertising for consumer lead generation: Part 1

Dominate social media and dash your competitors with Facebook advertising.

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Facebook has become standard fare in every franchise’s social media arsenal, and its wide range of advertising capabilities has redefined social media marketing. With infinite possibilities at our fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by audience targeting, keyword management and campaign interaction.

Here are five tips to help you be at the top of your game for your next Facebook ad:

Begin with a goal in mind. From vying for more likes to promoting a special menu item, there is a multitude of Facebook options and metrics at your disposal. Avoid becoming overwhelmed by defining clear and measurable objectives for the ad.

“Facebook Ads have become so much more sophisticated,” said No Limit Agency Social Media Manager Alia Rajput. “You have to identify the return that you’re looking for before you start creating an ad.

Be clear, concise and call your audience to action. Don’t overwhelm users with a novella about your brand, but offer up enough details to entice them.

“Consumers are happy with the intuitive nature of social media as long as it’s moderated and isn’t aggressive,” Rajput said.

Incorporating elements like customer reviews, top-notch copy and multimedia into your Facebook ad will help reinforce brand tone and increase ad effectiveness.

Include multimedia. Rajput recommended varying the types of media coupled with Facebook ads.

“Be creative and experimental when it comes to your post content,” she said. “Being adventurous can do wonders for your post reach and general presence on Facebook.”

Keep in mind that images with more than 20 percent text are flagged on Facebook; you can pre-check your image here

Dole out Facebook-specific offers. By creating an air of exclusivity for your Facebook page, users will be more inclined to respond to and interact with your page’s posts. Facebook-specific redemption offers, QR codes and exclusive content can show appreciation for loyal customers while driving first-time customers through the door.

Review the past to plan the future. Facebook Advertising’s batches of data can be intimidating, but they are crucial when forecasting for the future and modifying your online marketing plan. Sift through insights from previous campaigns to create a detailed blueprint for future actions and improve upon your Facebook advertising strategy.