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AdWeek: How Storytelling Is Helping Brands Sell More Products

Recent study concludes digital storytelling garners more revenue.

While storytelling has been widely and vigorously discussed as a tool for marketing, AdWeek shared an infographic with new data proving just how impactful storytelling is for businesses. The basic idea is that by sharing something that will actually resonate with consumers in an accessible platform, people will be more likely to purchase products or services, buying the experience/story rather than just the product.

"There's plenty of popular demand for good stories, if binge-watching, binge-listening, and binge-reading statistics are an indicator," Ilya Vedrashko, svp and director of research at Hill Holliday's consumer research arm, Origin, told AdWeek. "Stories move not only people, but they also move product... Every time the product that had a story pulled in more money than the same product without one. That's a lift on no additional investment."

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