Amazing Lash Studio® Seeks to Grow Footprint in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania After Record-Breaking Franchise Opening
Amazing Lash Studio® Seeks to Grow Footprint in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania After Record-Breaking Franchise Opening

A studio in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania recently experienced the highest first-month sales Amazing Lash Studio franchise’s history. Now, the brand is looking to keep the momentum going by expanding throughout Pennsylvania.

With three studios open in Pittsburgh and a second Philadelphia location set to open in June, the Amazing Lash Studio® brand, one of the leading semi-permanent eyelash extension brands, is gearing up to expand across the state.

Philadelphia, the fourth largest market and the sixth most populous city in the U.S., is especially primed for Amazing Lash Studio brand growth. The market is looking to grow across the general metropolitan area, Lancaster, Allentown, Harrisburg and surrounding markets.

“We have so many great areas available. The demographics of Philadelphia are fantastic for the Amazing Lash Studio brand,” said Denis Byrd, Amazing Lash Studio’s Pennsylvania regional developer.

The momentum is certainly building. In February, a new Amazing Lash Studio in the King of Prussia-Wayne area, 20 miles outside of Philadelphia, broke the system record for highest performance in the first month of operation.

“With over 215 studios across the country, the Pennsylvania franchisee, Joey Orr, broke the existing record. The way his studio was performing, we knew he would break the record even in the first week,” said Byrd, adding that Orr is currently looking for his second Philadelphia location.

The reception of the Amazing Lash Studio brand in Pennsylvania so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I love going into the studios because you see people coming out of their private rooms with smiles on their faces,” said Byrd. “With eyelash extension refills recommended every two to three weeks, customers typically do not leave the studio without checking their calendars and setting up their next appointment. You really can’t live without them once you have them.”

The Amazing Lash Studio brand uses a patented application process to attach lightweight eyelash extensions to each natural lash to give customers the most natural-looking lash line available on the market. With at least eight private rooms [SC3] in each studio, customers [SC4] can sit back, relax, and know that they’ll leave their appointment feeling beautiful and confident—and that they’ll save time in their beauty routines tomorrow.

With the first four Pennsylvania studios now open and the second Philadelphia-area studio opening in Springfield in June, Byrd expects awareness of the Amazing Lash Studio brand to skyrocket—and the sale of more Pennsylvania territories to quickly follow.

As a major metropolitan market with a dense diversity of demographics, Philadelphia is primed to meet the rising popularity of realistic, beautiful semi-permanent lashes. In Byrd’s four years with Amazing Lash in Pennsylvania, he has seen the growth firsthand.

“Since I’ve been here, the popularity of eyelash extensions has grown to the point where I see more people with them than people without them,” said Byrd. “Our goal is for Amazing Lash Studio’s eyelash extensions to become the third most crucial beauty service. Hair is the first necessity, then nails—we want to be at least the third in the pecking order. Maybe the second, since you can paint your own nails.”

As the popularity of eyelash extension services move toward making that vision a reality, Amazing Lash Studio makes them accessible to all with an affordable price point that aligns with the income level of Philadelphia residents.

The beauty brand is currently seeking qualified franchisees in Pennsylvania who prioritize exceptional hospitality and quality service. Amazing Lash Studio’s most successful franchisees come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds and are highly involved in their businesses. Many, such as the record-breaking Joey Orr, also own multiple units. Each new studio also creates approximately 25 jobs, including studio managers, front desk staff and around 20 stylists trained in the brand’s unique patented application techniques.

The investment range for an Amazing Lash Studio franchise is $224,659 to $482,528*. For more information on franchise opportunities, visit https://franchising.amazinglashstudio.com.

*As stated in the March 13, 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document

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