AP: Whataburger takes stand against Texas' new open carry law
AP: Whataburger takes stand against Texas' new open carry law

Texas chain Whataburger takes a stand against the open carrying of guns at their locations.

Whataburger, an iconic Texas restaurant chain, has announced they will not allow the open carrying of guns on their property. This is a stance has received a mixed response of support and rebuke. 

Whataburger president and CEO Preston Atkinson announced this decision in an open letter on the company’s website. In the letter he stated that many customers and employees are "uncomfortable being around someone with a visible firearm."

The company’s decision comes one month after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that made it legal to carry handguns openly on the streets of the Lone Star State. While patrons will not be allowed to openly carry firearms, those with a concealed carry license will be able to have a concealed weapon in the store.

While the law has been considered a victory for gun rights activities, many other restaurants are expected to follow in Whataburger’s decision as the law comes into effect in January, according to the AP.

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Photo Credit: Philip Lange / Shutterstock.com