5 Reasons To Buy a Batteries Plus Bulbs Franchise
5 Reasons To Buy a Batteries Plus Bulbs Franchise

Dual revenue streams, a community-oriented offering and proprietary learning resources are among the reasons to invest in the 736-unit battery, bulb and device repair franchise.

Opening its initial store in 1988, Batteries Plus Bulbs was the first brand to identify the growing need for battery replacement and specialty bulbs in an age of ever-changing technology. Since Batteries Plus Bulbs began franchising in 1992, the brand has grown astronomically, now encompassing nearly 750 units across the United States and most recently building its presence in New York. Since 2014, Batteries Plus Bulbs has offered guests smartphone and tablet repair services, keys and an extensive line of premium battery and bulb products with both commercial and retail applications. 

With such a dominant presence and clearly sought-after offering, Batteries Plus Bulbs demonstrate a not-to-be-ignored investment opportunity. Below, Batteries Plus Bulbs’ Vice President of Franchise Development and Project Management, as well as Chief Strategy Officer, Jon Sica dives into the top five reasons to invest in a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise.

1.) Dual Revenue Streams from Commercial and Retail Sales

Sica explained that many franchises rely solely on foot traffic to drive their bottom line, but this isn’t the case for Batteries Plus Bulbs. In addition to retail sales, the brand also sells bulbs, batteries, keys and device repair at the commercial level.

“With our pricing models, inventory, bulk deals and supply chain, we’re able to service many commercial customers,” said Sica. “In fact, commercial sales are a third of our business and we’re looking to grow that amount even more.”

Being a leading commercial provider as well as a retailer allows Batteries Plus Bulbs to achieve the kind of volumes that translate to impressive discounts from distributors—yet another way in which the brand positions franchisees for success.

“We’re able to offer volume discounts that pass on directly to our owners because of the kind of system-wide volume we’re able to generate,” Sica said. “Everything comes together such that our franchisees service two sets of customers for dual revenue, maximized by our competitive volume discounts.”

Multi-unit Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisee Brandon Boozer agreed that having dual revenue streams are indeed beneficial to Batteries Plus Bulbs owners.

“The huge benefit to offering both commercial and retail products is that there’s no equipment or inventory maximum,” said Boozer. “We offer excellent customer service as a result because we can drop-ship, service in-store, have a customer pick up in-store or deliver at a later time. So there’s no limit to what we can provide—we only carry 3,000 products in the store but we have approximately 60,000 available, and all can be ordered and shipped in line with the client’s needs.”

2.) A Business That Serves Community Need

“By owning a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise, you’re uniquely positioning yourself to serve the immediate needs in your community with the brand’s broad selection of products and services that can’t be found anywhere else,” said Sica.

Not only does Batteries Plus Bulbs offer a comprehensive and state-of-the-art product line, it also promises second-to-none customer service.
“We’ve all gone to an Apple store and had to wait for hours and hours for help,” said Sica. “To be able to visit your local Batteries Plus Bulbs, find what you need and have it installed without an appointment? Or to come in with a broken phone and have your screen repaired in a matter of minutes? That sets us apart in the space.”

To this point, Boozer added that Batteries Plus Bulbs’ unique position as a one-stop-shop staffed by product specialists furthers that superior customer experience.

“What I say to customers is: Why go to four or five places when you can go to one?,” said Boozer. “Instead of driving all over town—to Best Buy for one product, to a car battery shop for another—customers can come to us and get all their needs taken care of in one location. Our staff is trained in all of those areas, so we’re truly a one-stop-shop.

3.) Exclusive Access to Batteries Plus Bulbs’ Private Branded Products and Expertise

Batteries Plus Bulbs is the approved carrier of premium batteries including X2 and Duracell Ultra, among others. 

“Our products offer premium performance and unbeatable quality along with fantastic warranties,” said Sica. “That really helps us Amazon-proof our business and insulate us from competition in the market because consumers can’t go anywhere else and find the same caliber and variety of products.”

Boozer also spoke to the challenges presented by online retailers like Amazon, but he echoed Sica in pointing out that key elements of Batteries Plus Bulbs’ business model protect the leading battery, bulb and device repair franchise from eroding margins.

“Expertise is something you don’t value until you need it. We all fight online—all brick-and-mortar retailers do—but it’s common for someone to come in and say ‘I need a bulb,’ and not know what kind and we start from scratch,” said Boozer. “We ask the questions we know to ask thanks to our expertise in the industry. When you shop online, you buy what you can find. When you shop with us, you buy what you want and need.”
For Boozer, that tailored, customer-focused approach is the reason Batteries Plus Bulbs continues to expand its footprint, even amidst the growing dominance of online retailers.

“We solve the customer’s problem, the first time, with superior customer service. If we can do those three things, we can win every time,” said Boozer.

4.) Exceptional Franchisee Support Thanks to 30 Years of Experience Translated into Proprietary Learning Resources

“Batteries Plus Bulbs offers franchise owners the necessary resources to excel,” said Sica.

Such resources include the brand’s 30-plus years of experience in the industry, plus proprietary certification and training programs. “Let’s say someone wants to sign on, but they only have restaurant experience,” said Sica. “We can make you an expert in batteries, device repair, safety, proper recycling—all the cornerstones of our business. And not only that, but we can educate you to such a degree that you can train your employees.”

To equip franchisees with this impressive knowledge base, Batteries Plus Bulbs leverages an accessible online asset called EmpowerYou.

“We offer micro degree and certification programs and online courses through EmpowerYou,” Sica said. “Those resources are part of the ramping process but are also available as a means of continuing education as our owners progress in their careers.”

5.) Stable Long-Term Investment

For its impressive AUVs and healthy returns, Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a relatively low investment level, being named to Forbes’ 2019 Best Franchises To Buy in the medium investment category—and, at the No. 7 spot, beating out well-known pizza concept Papa John’s.

“What we have seen is that we are a fairly recession-resistant business,” said Sica. “So for prospective franchisees and/or investors looking for something stable, or wanting to diversify their existing franchise holdings, we offer very attractive financials and a unique concept that is geared toward longevity.”

With all five of these factors in place—dual revenue streams from commercial and retail sales; an offering that serves community need; exclusive access to Batteries Plus Bulbs’ private branded products; exceptional franchisee support via 30 years of experience and proprietary learning resources; and an opportunity that translates to a stable long-term investment—Batteries Plus Bulbs represents a truly competitive franchise opportunity. 

Invest today and power your portfolio, batteries not required.

The start-up cost open a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise is $190,144 to $367,358 with a franchise fee of $37,500 and a 5% royalty. For more information on franchising opportunities with Batteries Plus Bulbs, please visit https://batteriesplusfranchise.com/.

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