Batteries Plus Bulbs' Recycling Program Encourages Franchisees to be Community Leaders in Environmental Responsibility
Batteries Plus Bulbs' Recycling Program Encourages Franchisees to be Community Leaders in Environmental Responsibility

The retail franchise’s year-round, system-wide recycling program provides a convenient and necessary service at no cost to the 700-plus communities in which it operates.

For retail franchise Batteries Plus Bulbs, lessening the effects of society’s impact on the environment isn’t a pledge saved solely for Earth Day—it’s a year-round commitment.

The way the brand sees it? Creating ample opportunities for customers to conveniently recycle the majority of the batteries and light bulbs it sells is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Born of this strong sense of societal obligation was Batteries Plus Bulbs’ recycling program. A long-standing and far-reaching endeavor, the program delivers on its goal of preserving the environment by reducing waste in landfills, stopping harmful chemicals from contaminating soil and water and decreasing the need for new raw materials through recycling.

While most municipalities and community organizations handle the recycling of paper goods and even e-waste like computers and mobile devices, the vast majority will not handle the recycling of essential yet environmentally hazardous items like batteries and light bulbs.

Steve Mastin is a regional operations manager for Batteries Plus Bulbs in the greater Phoenix area. He noted that by stepping in to provide a service that towns and cities don’t offer, Batteries Plus Bulbs solidifies its position as a community leader in environmental responsibility.

Mastin explained that Batteries Plus Bulbs holds system-wide recycling events several times per year, helping their communities dispose of anything from car and truck batteries to those found in two-way radios, landlines and cameras all the way to the flammable, lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones and laptops. “Any kind of battery, we accept,” he said.  

“On the local level, we have 12 stores where we've been leading recycling efforts four or five times per year for the past 12 years,” said Mastin, noting that stores in his region work with a local partner, Keep Phoenix Beautiful, to organize the events and spread the word. This Earth Day, the joint event included Mastin’s Batteries Plus team handing out information to help educate their community on why batteries can’t just be recycled or thrown away normally and what kinds of products the brand can recycle for others in addition to accepting recyclables on the spot.

Batteries Plus Bulbs is an important resource to the 700-plus communities in which it operates because it gives customers the chance to recycle their batteries and light bulbs safely and with confidence; Batteries Plus recycles in full compliance with federal and state regulations to protect the environment to the best of its ability.

“The feedback we get is always really positive. People are always so excited that we’re accepting these products and actually recycling them,” Mastin said. “So many of our local customers can’t believe we’ll take things they’ve struggled to dispose of off their hands free of charge. And from a business standpoint, it’s a great marketing tactic to offer such a useful service for free,” he added.

Serving as a valuable resource for the disposal and re-use of high-risk products shows that the brand takes recycling the products it sells seriously, not only because it is the law, but also because it’s the right thing to do. By offering battery and light bulb recycling services on a consistent basis throughout the year, Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisees are recognized in their communities as trusted leaders in environmental responsibility.

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