How a Texas-Based Female Entrepreneur Found Success with Best in Class Education Center
How a Texas-Based Female Entrepreneur Found Success with Best in Class Education Center

With established success, the education enrichment franchise seeks to continue developing in Lone Star State

Priya Venkat considers herself “the original Best in Class mom” because she first learned about the supplemental education program six years ago when looking for tutoring options for her own children. After becoming alarmingly aware that the education her children were receiving in school fell short during parent-teacher conferences, she began searching for programs, which led her to Best in Class Education. In 2007, she brought her four-year-old to Best in Class and has never doubted her decision since. It was her experience as a mother that inspired her to open her own center in Plano-Allen, Texas in 2013. Only two and a half years later, Venkat opened her second location.

“There’s nowhere else in the area in terms of supplemental learning and enrichment that compares to Best in Class from a teaching style or curriculum standpoint,” said Venkat. “I’ve seen this work with my own children and for many children since then, and our business has continued to grow right along with the rapid growth rate of this community.”

Venkat is one of twenty-five female operators in the Best in Class franchise system. In fact, seventy-eight percent of the system’s operators are women, and the system boasts diversity across the board by also having a strong base of immigrant franchisees.

Based in Seattle, Best in Class ensures that it can give that “Gift of a Lifetime” through superior supplemental education, guaranteeing students’ individual success. The brand’s unique approach begins with CEO Hao Lam’s passion for teaching and his steadfast commitment to programs of the highest quality that produce results for students.

“The methodology and material speaks for itself,” said Lam. “Students are very enthusiastic about learning and tend to improve extremely quickly, which leads to their parents seeing the transformation and telling their friends. The natural growth that’s happened since we first opened has truly exceeded my expectations.”

Texas remains a top priority for further development for the supplemental education leader as well. Best in Class is quickly approaching 15 locations throughout the state and is confident that it will continue to grow.

“Our centers in Texas have been among our most successful, with high registration numbers and rapid growth in their respective communities,” said Lam. “We are actively seeking additional franchise partners in Texas who share the same type of passion that Priya has for Best in Class and who are motivated to drive their own successful business. While we have scratched the surface in the state, we still have plenty of available territory and we know the demand is high for our services, presenting a really unique ramp-up opportunity for the right partners to join our growing and wonderful team.”