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Between Two Tolls in New Jersey | Live To Tell Ep. 43

The underground story of business, entrepreneurs and influencers... and the only person who uses Cookie Monster's voice for Waze navigation.

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
1:13PM 01/17/20

On this week's episode of Live To Tell, neither Nick nor Cassie are in Chicago. Cassie comes to us from Dallas, while Nick is on the road—literally. In a semi-dangerous display of multitasking while driving, Nick and Cassie discuss several brands' new employee retention measures and the DOL's official definition of a joint employer. Plus, we learn how much a toll costs in New Jersey! 

Fantastic: Kentucky Fried Wishes

Celebrity: Multi-Brand Franchisee Rick Ross

Cash Money: Target's Holiday Season Underperformance Indicates Trouble for Retailers

Forward Thinking: Starbucks' New Employee Mental Health and Well-Being Initiative

Friend or Foe: Department of Labor's Definition of 'Joint Employer'