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BIGGBY® COFFEE Celebrates 28 Signed Franchise Agreements in Q2, Aims for Further Growth in 2021

The brand retained a strong connection to its franchisees and their communities during the challenges of the pandemic and has opened 11 new locations since April 1, 2021.

By Sarah Brown1851 Franchise Copy Editor
Updated 3:15PM 07/21/21

During a year of lockdowns, shutdowns and curfews, BIGGBY® COFFEE, the 250-plus unit coffee franchise, never lost its focus on loving unconditionally and supporting others. As a brand known for its dedication to its franchisees, BIGGBY® COFFEE navigated the pandemic by doubling down on its franchisee support structure, maintaining close connections with franchisees and meeting the needs of its customers.

The brand’s resilience was also evident in the growth it experienced in the second quarter of this year. Since April 1st, BIGGBY® COFFEE has signed 28 franchise agreements and celebrated 11 openings. Of those 28 franchise signings, eight were with existing franchise owners.

“Our primary goal is to support our franchisees,” said Bob Fish, co-CEO and co-founder of the brand. “We believe our close connections with our franchisees, employees and communities inspired the majority of our growth during the pandemic.”

How BIGGBY® COFFEE Persevered Through COVID-19

Despite the unique challenges the pandemic created, BIGGBY® COFFEE’s dedicated area representatives, who are carefully selected franchisees who work to grow the BIGGBY® COFFEE brand while building strong relationships with business owners and customers, continued to reach out to potential franchisees and show their support for existing franchise owners. In 2020, the brand sold a record 85 locations and opened 18 new units

Signed franchisees in Q2 include:


  • Rodney & Eileen Palmer, Austin Palmer and Landon Palmer
  • Adam & Meghan Atkinson
  • Nicole Forkner
  • Lori DeYoung and Randy Neelis
  • Elliot & Stacey Davis and Walter Kubistal
  • Todd Docekal
  • Bob & Rhonda Perry
  • Tyler, Doug & Scott Blume
  • Charles & Jessica Solano


  • Mike, Nick, and Sam Dagel


  • Jonathan Mills 
  • Dustin Hepburn 
  • Carrie E. & Jeremy R. Rios 
  • Eric & Kim Dozier 
  • Tim & Julia Johnson


  • Zach Poulin 


  • Amber Kruse


  • Deanna Pugh 
  • Justin Neal 
  • Davis A. Clase Jr. and Natalie Kern


  • Dondi Squires


  • Daniel B. Hinchee

North Carolina

  • Loyd & Kaitlyn Fornes, III, Michael & Candance Garland 


Openings in Q2 include:


  • Kirtland Community College
  • Shari Morris
  • Michael & Jessica Perry; Gerry & Lynsay Lobdell 
  • Lori DeYoung & Randy Neelis
  • Karmen, Christopher & Carroll Rimes 
  • Mark, Mary and Mike Dykema; Laura Cramer
  • Sarah and Josh Docekal


  • Curtis Grace & Keith Washington


  • Jason & Sara Mullins
  • Mohamed Shetiah


  • Daniel Tirado-Barbauld


How BIGGBY® COFFEE Will Thrive in 2021

Love and dedication is ultimately what BIGGBY® COFFEE attributes its success to, and as long as the brand stays true to that mission, it believes it will continue to grow.

The investment range for a BIGGBY® COFFEE franchise is $202,450 to $418,700. To learn more about franchising with BIGGBY® COFFEE, visit