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BIGGBY® COFFEE Rounds Out Q2 on Track to Reach a ‘BIGG’ Goal

The high-energy coffee concept has signed 43 new franchise agreements so far this year and is on track to reach the 500-unit mark by the end of 2024.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 08/09/23

BIGGBY® COFFEE, the over-360-unit coffeehouse franchise that supports its local owners in building lives they love, has seen an incredible start to the year with 43 new franchise agreements signed and 31 new stores opened. 

“Currently, we have 361 stores open and around another 140 in development for a total of close to 500,” explained Tony DiPietro, vice president of emerging market development. “That 500 is a big deal because we have a goal to have 500 stores open by the end of 2024, and we still have a full 18 months to get those 140 that are in development through the pipeline.”

Twelve of the 43 franchise agreements signed are for developments in emerging markets, including Illinois, Idaho, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. One of the 27 new store openings was in Memphis, marking the brand’s entry to Tennessee, and it is already working on a second Tennessee location in Nashville.

As BIGGBY® COFFEE supports its new owners in building their new stores, the team’s flexibility and non-traditional approach will support local owners in building a business that truly fits their communities and visions.

“A competitive advantage of ours is offering an array of different store models,” he said. “We can go traditional–we can build an end cap location with a drive-thru, we’ll build a modular drive-thru-only shop and we can even do kiosks. We can get very creative with our prototypes, and that helps our owners cater their build-out to each unique community.”

The BCubed concept has been a driver of the brand’s flexibility and has seen remarkable success since its 2018 launch. Earlier this year, BIGGBY® COFFEE opened its 50th modular drive-thru location. BCubed concepts are prefabricated and delivered to their designated locations to be assembled. Manufacturing takes around four weeks, and installation can take as little as six hours. With the model, franchise owners have infinite opportunities in terms of development options and are able to both shorten their development timeline and reduce costs.

With the help of the BCubed model, additional flexibility for franchise owners and an ever-growing demand for BIGGBY® COFFEE, DiPietro said the system is also on track to reach 1,000 stores opened by the end of 2028.

“Historically, we double in size every four to five years,” he said. “We’re looking to grow in every state that we’re currently in, and we use an area representative program to help us sell in certain states, as well as the support of our home office team to fill in where we don’t have area representatives.”

BIGGBY® COFFEE aims to sign a total of 100 franchise agreements this year as it continues to fill the pipeline, but development numbers are just one of many indicators the brand uses to evaluate its success.

BIGGBY® COFFEE’s Franchise System Is All about Its People

BIGGBY® COFFEE has continually positioned itself as a franchise system that is driven by a motivation to support individuals in building a life they love. While franchise development is an important part of this quest, its commitment to the people of the system reaches even further.

“We’re always looking to bring new people into our organization, and we’re always looking to better the team that we are,” said DiPietro. “We’re all willing to listen and learn each and every day, and I think our support is second to none. We have a great team that is going to support new franchise owners every step of the way.”

This company culture is clear as all members of the leadership team embrace the drive to continue evolving. In fact, Mike McFall, the brand’s co-founder and co-CEO, just released his second bookGrow. Grow, Take Your Business From Chaos to Calm, shines light on the transition from a bootstrapping entrepreneur to becoming an effective leader. Showing readers how to build their organization into one with an environment that expects people to thrive, with a leader who meets the organization where it needs to be met and where trust is a baseline for all relationships.  The GROW phase ends with the leader being so effective at leading and creating a powerful team to run the organization that they have become irrelevant to the business thriving into the future.

One BIGG Island in Space (OBIIS) has been another key driver of the brand’s connection and success. Through OBIIS, Bob Fish, co-founder and co-CEO, and his wife, Michelle, travel the world building relationships with coffee farmers to create long-term relationships, with a goal of bringing, a name, a face, and a place to every cup of coffee BIGGBY® COFFEE serves. 

“Relationships are key with everyone we come in connection with,” said DiPietro. “Bob and Michelle are traveling the world, going to see the farms first hand and are personally meeting the people and communities that provide our Farm-Direct coffees. It’s clear that they really believe in supporting people in building a life they love through all levels of the system.”

The investment range for a BIGGBY® COFFEE franchise is $202,450 - $418,700. To learn more about franchising with BIGGBY® COFFEE, visit