Blame It on the…: 10 Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants You Didn’t Know Sell Alcohol
Blame It on the…: 10 Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants You Didn’t Know Sell Alcohol

Brands are getting in on the multi-billion dollar beer, wine and liquor industry.

The beer, wine and liquor industry is a multi-billion-dollar global business. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, restaurants aim for alcohol sales to account for 30 percent of their annual revenue. Not only does it generate more sales and business, but it attracts a different crowd letting a restaurant compete with a larger portion of the industry.

Franchises are even getting into the business. Although it is difficult to regulate, many franchises are open to the idea of serving alcohol to its customers as it, again, generates a plethora of revenue, and unlocks a portion of the target market a restaurant was never in tune with. Here is a list of the fast-food franchises that don’t only cure hangovers, but provide a way to start one.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, the leader in greasy, quick and easy pizza, is now putting themselves in a different category. Looking to contemporize their service and audience, Pizza Hut is now serving both bottled beer and wine at about 3,000 locations. The pizza franchise aspires to add these drink options to the menu in 200 other locations in the near future.

Now Serving: Beer and wine


In recent years, Sbarro has lost its luster on the fast pizza list. Frequently found in many mall food courts across America, Sbarro is resurging into the fast-food market as it began to sell beer and wine at select locations – but at insane prices ($5 for a 5 oz. beer and $25 for a bottle of wine). That’s probably due to the 2014 bankruptcy the franchise is trying to bounce back from.

Now Serving: Beer and wine

Moe’s Southwest Grill

All Moe’s locations offer the ever-enticing chips and salsa bar, but only a select few offer beer. The brand is testing alcohol sales in metropolitan areas such as Tampa, FL. seeing this as a trend in Mexican fast food (i.e. Chipotle); the franchise is now jumping on the bandwagon.

Now Serving: Beer

Your Pie

Your Pie has been taking the fast pizza world by storm with their customizable pies. The franchise is also providing a way to customize the diner’s experience as it extends its service in the alcohol world, with a decent menu of craft beers and wines. The brand didn’t only recognize the new-age artisan pizza trend, but they are also being hip and offering a selection of craft beers to diners looking for a sophisticated version of fast-food.

Now Serving: Beer and Wine

Shake Shack

Domestically, Shake Shack is not focusing on franchising efforts. But outside the United States, Shake Shack is pushing for expansion using the franchising route. This new, upscale, fast burger has been taking the world by storm. Trying to target a crowd with enlightened burger tastes buds, the brand features beer, wine and an occasional boozy smoothie, which Shake Shack did while promoting the new season Will & Grace.

Now Serving: Beer, Wine, and Prosecco


America’s drive-in just got a little better, especially in Florida. The brand created a spin off restaurant called Sonic Beach, opening locations within the southern state. Sonic Beach locations serve alcohol, but obviously not to drive-thru customers. The franchise wanted to capture the culture and essence of the south beach area.

Now Serving: Beer

Taco Bell

The late-night favorite just got better. Not only is Taco Bell rolling out cantina-style restaurants, but they are serving alcohol in these new concepts. Just announced earlier this year, the Mexican style food chain plans to release more than 300 new locations by the mid-2020s. These new concepts will be ditching the drive-thru and will be featuring Twisted Freezes – slushy drinks mixed with an alcohol of choice. These stores will be hitting urban areas as the brand focuses on growth within cities like New York, Boston, and Detroit.

Now Serving: Twisted Mixed Drinks

Freebirds World Burrito

This California founded Mexican chain offers their customers a down-the-line fast food experience. As customers near checkout, of-age guests have the option to order beer or wine. A brand representative stated that they did not want the restaurant to be voted out when people look for a place to dine past 4 pm.

Now Serving: Beer and Wine

Noodles & Company

Noodles & Company is a leader in the fast-food pasta world. The brand will be celebrating the 500-location mark in the next few months. Guests can celebrate with them by cracking open a beer and enjoying it with a noodle meal inspired by many places around the world. After a corporate data-breach in 2016, Noodles & Co. is selling the rest of the company owned restaurants to prospective owners due to the success they have seen within the franchise model.   

Now Serving: Beer

Burger King

The legend of the BK Whopper Bar still exists in the United States. The brand rolled out six locations several years ago, but only a few still operate. These locations cut the majority of their menu as BK Whopper Bars only serve burgers and beer. Burger King opened these unique restaurants worldwide, but the most famous BK Whopper Bar resides in a food court at Universal Studios in Orlando, where tourists become enticed with an imbibing fast-food option.

Now Serving: Beer