Bloomberg: Subway Shuttered 359 U.S. Stores in 2016
Bloomberg: Subway Shuttered 359 U.S. Stores in 2016

Subway saw a 1.3 percent drop in its stores as it attempts to rebound from sluggish sales.

Subway closed 359 stores in 2016, the first reduction for the nation’s largest quick-service chain.

The store count dropped 1.3 percent to 26,744 from 27,103. Subway is struggling with a sales slowdown in the U.S. Sales fell 1.7 percent last year in the U.S. but the store is growing internationally. Sales outside of the U.S. rose 3.7 percent. 

“Sales for 2016 reflect our focus on international growth,” Subway said in a statement. “We are undertaking an exciting transformation that includes introducing new and improved products, creating an even greater customer experience, refining operations, and positioning Subway franchisees for continued success.”

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