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Buffalo Wild Wings Launches New Baseball-Themed Offerings

For fans wishing they could visit the ballpark this year, Buffalo Wild Wings promises the next best thing.

This week, Major League Baseball made its grand pandemic-delayed comeback, but fans won’t be able to celebrate in stadiums. 

Hoping to capitalize on some of the baseball-season spending that the MLB is missing out on this year, Buffalo Wild Wings has launched a new campaign to position itself as a go-to hub for the baseball experience this season. The sports bar franchise has rolled out a series of atmospheric changes and quintessential baseball rituals to their locations to help sports-fans feel like they're at their favorite ballparks, including cold beer, hot dogs and even peanuts and Cracker Jacks. 

At some Buffalo Wild Wings locations, the brand is bringing in professional stadium beer vendors to serve customers at their seats. At the Washington D.C. kick-off, for example, the restaurant hosted Perry Hahn aka “RoboVendor,” Clarence Haskett aka “Fancy Clancy” and Todd Georgelas. 

Of course, the franchise’s flagship offering, buffalo wings, remains front and center. The brand’s classic wings can now be purchased, in any flavor, in a “Helmet O’Wings.”

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