A franchise dedicated to all beef and no bull
A franchise dedicated to all beef and no bull

Family-friendly sports franchise appeals with great food and an inviting atmosphere.

Buffalo Wings & Rings cuts through the noise in the wing world with a powerful combination of fresh food, a welcoming atmosphere and one of the most stable and experienced operating teams in the United States. In a crowded space where it would seem as if everyone these days is in the chicken wing business, Buffalo Wings & Rings is emerging as a top choice for high profile investors in the multi-unit/multi-brand space.

Buffalo Wings & Rings is a brand that is doing it right. For potential franchisees that seek to move up in the market, Buffalo Wings & Rings has identified its unique proposition. It does not embody a wing joint or a sports bar, and it’s not an extension of fraternity or sorority life. Instead, Buffalo Wings & Rings is a family sports restaurant that differentiates itself from virtually every other casual dining option in the category through its multi-faceted offering; at the front of the house is casual dining and at the back is a quick service kitchen.

“Without question, that makes us a unique opportunity,” said CEO Nader Masadeh. “Our guests get the experience of a great sit-down meal from a menu that has diverse, hand-made options and incredible flavors. At the same time, our kitchen is straightforward and uncomplicated. This allows a prospect who has a background in QSR, whether that is as a franchisee of Subway, Quiznos, Dunkin’ Donuts, Marcos Pizza or any other pizza brand, to step into our model and succeed.”

Founded in 1984 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Buffalo Wings & Rings operates 45 stores in the United States and 23 locations abroad, and has grown consistently and steadily. Over the years, the brand has pioneered and perfected the art of homemade sauces, customizable heat profiles and fresh wings, as well as grown to offer specialty burgers, gyros and salads to cater to its customers and provide options for the entire family to enjoy. The brand has experienced 32 consecutive quarters of same-store sales growth – averaging an incredible 15 percent growth in annual unit volume for eight years.

“Buffalo Wings & Rings was built on the foundation that we can be more than a chicken wing joint, and we have always focused on the food and experience rather than the gimmicks. We want our guests to feel like they are at the ultimate club level for casual dining,” Masadeh said. “I joined this brand for the opportunity to build a concept that presents a new value-add to the industry. Our people, our food and the experience we give to our customers is bar-none.”

Credit that back to the leadership of the brand, which features former executives from national brands such as Max & Erma’s Restaurants and Panera Bread. That experience has created a consistency in operations and delivers well beyond the industry standard for support back to the franchisee.

“I think one of the biggest compliments that we could receive is when someone tells us that we operate like a 300-unit system,” said Masadeh. “Our methodologies are time-tested and under constant consideration. The opportunity that we present to future franchisees is the chance to be part of a refined and smart operation.”

A brand is only as good as its food, and the food at Buffalo Wings & Rings is exceptional. Guests are treated to fresh – never frozen – wings with 12 sauces and two dry seasonings that range from the traditional to the avant-garde, and offered the opportunity to select the degree of heat that they prefer. Overall, the menu has been thoughtfully updated to include a wealth of American classics with flavors that push the envelope and specialty burgers, gyros and salads. Every Buffalo Wings & Rings location also features a full liquor bar and dozens of craft-beer options that celebrate local and national brewing excellence.

“There is no shortage of places where families can dine out, but I think what you’ll notice when you first experience us is the quality of the food,” Masadeh said. “Our customizability is fundamental to our success. Everyone who spends a night with us gets what they want, the way that they want it, and in an atmosphere that’s warm and welcoming.”