Buffalo Wings & Rings Perfects Family-Friendly Environment
Buffalo Wings & Rings Perfects Family-Friendly Environment

The big game on the big screen, great food and VIP service are yours.

You want to watch the big game, you want great food and you want your family to feel welcome.

Philip Schram, Buffalo Wings & Rings chief development officer, says BW&R gets this, and its restaurants deliver on that.

“You have a family, and you want a great environment and pleasant atmosphere at a sports restaurant,” Schram said. “We want families to feel at home at Buffalo Wings & Rings. Customers will always feel welcome here.”

A raucous sports bar is great when you’re young, but there comes a time when a scantily clad server and rowdy atmosphere are not appropriate.

Schram touts the brand’s family-friendly environment. The sports restaurants also went through a redesign at the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012. The look is modern and clean.

“We have made a departure from everything that looks like a sports bar,” he said. “We removed the clutter on the walls. We got rid of the sports memorabilia. The look is fresh and simple. It aligns with the brand. We ARE food, family and sports.”

Schram said that the company hasn’t missed a beat in what the customer wants.

“We have big-screen TVs everywhere so you don’t miss a minute of the big game. You definitely get the sports. Then you get the great food. And you get the family. We hit all the notes.”

Diane Matheson, marketing director at Buffalo Wings & Rings, said service is also a hallmark of the brand.

“At Buffalo Wings & Rings everyone is a VIP, worthy of the ultimate sports restaurant experience,” she said. “We’re way beyond a sports bar and above those rowdy bro-zones, and we’re taking game time to the next level with a bright, inviting dining room, 50+ TVs, elevated fan experiences and a chef-inspired menu. With diverse flavors like gyros, fresh salads, homemade dressings, craft beers and the meatiest, tastiest wings on the planet, we’ve got something to satisfy every kind of fan.”

So, whether you’re catching a game or grabbing a meal with friends and family, you’ll always have the best seat in the house.