How California Tortilla Puts an Always-Fresh Spin on Mexican Flavors
How California Tortilla Puts an Always-Fresh Spin on Mexican Flavors

The ‘California-style’ fast-casual Mexican franchise makes everything from scratch daily while going green and engaging with local communities.

California Tortilla takes fun very seriously. After all, the Maryland-based franchise was fast-casual before fast-casual was the norm. Even its nickname, Cal Tort, is both fast and casual.

Throughout its 40 restaurants along the East Coast, Cal Tort commits to creating the highest-quality dishes made with fresh ingredients, going green and actively engaging with the local communities.

Every Cal Tort also commits to playing hits from the ‘80s. And having a seriously impressive, customized Wall of Flame featuring more than 75 different hot sauces—because sometimes having fun means getting spicy.

 Cal Tort’s Food Is Fresher than Fresh

 Since 1995, California Tortilla has brought a fresh perspective to “California-style” Mexican flavors. The brand’s open-concept kitchen gives guests a peek into the daily process of preparing more than 25 small-batch recipes in-house from the freshest ingredients possible. In fact, you’ll never even see a freezer in a Cal Tort restaurant. Instead, produce is received several times a week.

 Cal Tort’s extensive menu is chef-inspired, pulling inspiration from the global community for both menu staples and rotating options that can’t be found anywhere else.

 “Our menu is vast, and we have a little bit of something for everyone,” said Director of Marketing Karen Dawit. “At many other fast-casual Mexican restaurants, you walk down the line and pick and choose ingredients to build your meal—but at Cal Tort, you can order both signature items or your own creation. Our dishes are made with ingredients that seem impossible to combine, but before you know it, you’re hooked on flavors like the Crunchy BBQ Ranch or Blackened Chicken Caesar.”

 Considering Cal Tort’s avocado logo, you know its signature guacamole is top-notch. In fact, the brand’s guacamole is hand-smashed throughout the day in small batches using only perfectly ripened Hass avocados. Salsa is made from fresh Roma tomatoes three times per day, and all queso and sauces are also made daily from scratch.

 In short, nothing at Cal Tort is made in advance or frozen, and never will be.

 Cal Tort Cares about the Environment

 California Tortilla is committed to reducing its ecological footprint, and its actions back that up. All napkins are made from 100% sugarcane fibers, which biodegrade faster than paper. Soup and side cups are made with all-natural plant-based and renewable resources, plates and bowls are made from all-natural agricultural by-products and all bags are 100% recyclable.

 After all, if you’re going to eat the environment (see: avocados), you should also care about preserving it.

 Cal Tort Is a Part of the Community

 California Tortilla doesn’t just stop at delicious flavors. It’s also a fun place with great vibes.

 “Our guests are everyday adventurers who love good food and being with their favorite people,” said Dawit. “We nestle our locations within a local community, and we get actively involved with them.”

 Through Cal Tort’s “Spirit Nights,” local groups from schools to charities can host awesome fundraising events to support their initiatives. The brand donates a percentage of event guests’ pre-tax sales directly back to the organization. The only thing fundraiser guests need is the secret password—and then the fun begins.

 Or, if you’re hosting an off-site event and need to turn the good vibes up a notch, Cal Tort also caters. From a fajita or taco bars to burrito parties, the only challenge will be resisting the urge to have California Tortilla cater every get-together.

For more information about franchising with California Tortilla, visit https://franchise.californiatortilla.com/.

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