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Answered: Top 10 Questions About Owning a Caring Transitions Franchise

From ROI potential to territory availability, here are insights into the frequently asked questions prospective franchisees may have about the senior relocation, downsizing and estate sales franchise.

Caring Transitions, founded in 2006 in Cincinnati, is the first national franchising concept specializing in senior relocation and transition services. Caring Transitions was created to help those dealing with the evolving needs of elderly loved ones, founded on the belief that the most successful life transitions happen when care and compassion are involved. The Caring Transitions service helps seniors and families organize personal property and manage the moving process during stressful life events, with the goal of assisting them in regaining control, personal time and peace of mind. Since starting to franchise over 15 years ago, the brand has grown to over 300 units in the U.S. and Canada, and shows no signs of slowing down.

For those interested in joining one of the most exciting and potentially fulfilling franchise concepts available today, Jim Stapleton, vice president of franchise development for Caring Transitions, spoke with 1851 Franchise to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

1. How much is the franchise?

The total investment necessary to begin operation of a Caring Transitions franchise ranges from $63,562 to $108,612. This includes $48,900 that must be paid to the franchisor or an affiliate. If the population of a territory is greater than 200,000, franchisees must pay an additional $500 for all or part of every 1,000 people over 200,000.

Caring Transitions also offers a Winner’s Circle Program, which allows franchisees to earn back their franchise fee in full as they reach certain milestones with the business.

2. What is the royalty fee?

Franchisees are required to pay a royalty fee of 6% of their monthly gross revenue, with a $300 minimum for the first 12 months and a $500 minimum thereafter??.

3. How much can I make?

Last year, Caring Transitions owners who had been in business for at least a year grossed an average of just under $299,399.69 a year, with an average gross profit of 63% out of 230 owners.

4. Can I do this with just a couple of people?

A minimum team of five people is needed to effectively manage a Caring Transitions location. The ability to expand services and handle more clients directly correlates with the size of the team. Caring Transitions emphasizes the importance of having a surplus of employees to be able to handle multiple jobs at the same time and manage workloads effectively as the leads come in.

5. What makes a successful franchisee?

Success depends on the individual running the franchise. Factors include team structure, job capacity and marketing strategies. However, the key to success lies within the franchisee's ability to utilize the tools and support provided effectively.

6. What is my competition?

Caring Transitions stands out with no direct national competitors offering the same comprehensive package of services. While local "mom and pops" might exist, they cannot compete with Caring Transitions' size and buying power.

7. What constitutes a territory?

Territories are typically determined based on zip codes and are exclusively granted to franchisees, ensuring no internal competition within the specified area??. Typical territories include a population between 175,000 and 200,000. 

8. Is my area available?

Availability depends on existing franchise locations and demographics. Potential franchisees are encouraged to inquire directly for specific territory availability.

9. What do I get for the franchise fee?

The franchise fee covers comprehensive support in every aspect of the business, including in-depth marketing assistance, business coaching and access to technology like CTBIDS — an online auction platform enhancing business visibility and sales. The Caring Transitions team is dedicated to providing franchisees with all of the support, training and resources they need to thrive in their market. 

Caring Transitions owners will work with two dedicated onboarding coaches, who will walk them through the first crucial year of their franchise journey to help them master the operations of the business, followed by a professional business coach who will be available throughout the life of their business. 

10. Can I talk to some current Caring Transitions franchisees?

Yes, prospective franchisees are encouraged to speak with existing franchise owners. This allows for a realistic understanding of business operations and can be arranged to match the prospective franchisee's intended business model for more insightful discussions.

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Caring Transitions provides older adults and their families with the most trusted, respected and comprehensive downsizing, right-sizing, estate sales and online auctions, and move management solutions in the industry. Founded in 2006, the brand is committed to helping people in a compassionate and caring manner during life's many transitions while providing a total and easy solution for clients in their time of need. Through their proprietary online sales platform, CTBIDS, Caring Transitions also prepares clients for the process of liquidating assets through their own online estate sales auction site. With over 300 locations, Caring Transitions’ compassionate, experienced professionals minimize stress and relieve the burdens of life’s transitions. To learn more visit