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LA Business Journal: Checkers & Rally's Burger Chain Wants Bite of California Market

Checkers and Rally's will open a location in Moreno Valley, California.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 9:21PM 05/04/16

Checkers and Rally’s will open a location in the Super Wal-Mart at 12721 Moreno Beach Dr., Moreno Valley, California later this month.

This opening is part of am ambitious expansion plan for the brand. Los Angeles is a market in which Checkers and Rally's have a ton of room to grow, with a whopping 441 units available. With 12 existing locations in the area and one opening next week, the brand has a huge bulls-eye on Los Angeles for expansion. The 441 available units is the largest number of units available for Checkers and Rally's in the U.S. and the impetus for the development plans in Los Angeles. 

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