Christian Brothers Automotive Rides into Wake Forest, N.C.
Christian Brothers Automotive Rides into Wake Forest, N.C.

Scott and Ginny Lillie are looking to make a difference with a respectable, moral car service franchise.

Scott and Ginny Lillie are hoping to change the way local residents view the auto care industry in Wake Forest, North Carolina.
On Monday, Sept. 28, 2015, the couple will open the doors to town's first Christian Brothers Automotive. One of the nation's leading automotive repair franchises, Christian Brothers aims to change customers' perception of the auto care industry with their trustworthy and quality service. 
This isn't the couple's first foray in business ownership, and after recognizing the brand shared their core beliefs, they decided to relocate their family to North Carolina and jump back into entrepreneurship with a respectable franchise.
"We’ve always loved the Wake Forest area and are excited to bring a new business to the community,” Scott told Wake Forrest News. “So often the auto care industry is painted as dishonest and we’re hoping to change that perception with our Christian Brothers."
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