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How Christmas Decor’s Flexibility and Scalability Elevate It Beyond Home Services Competitors

Within the lucrative home services franchise space, the Christmas decorating franchise offers a highly adaptable model that creates more opportunity for entrepreneurs with varied backgrounds and goals.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 05/09/24

Christmas Decor, the 300-plus location holiday lighting franchise, has built a flexible model that can adapt to the needs of many types of franchisees. Because Christmas Decor exists under the larger umbrella of The Decor Group, the brand is backed by industry professionals and offers an opportunity that can be adapted to the needs and goals of each franchisee.

“Christmas Decor requires a relatively low initial investment and has the potential for a great return on investment; this is enough to catch the attention of many prospective franchisees,” said Brandon Stephens, president of Christmas Decor. “But where we really shine is our flexibility. Franchisees can make the most of their ownership, bringing in multiple streams of revenue through The Decor Group brands, adding the Christmas Decor business to an existing seasonal business or leaving room for growth with another seasonal brand later on.”

Whether you’re looking for a business opportunity that doesn’t require full-time work year-round, need to boost revenue when your existing seasonal business slows or are looking to ease into entrepreneurship with room to grow in the future, the Christmas Decor model can be adapted to your goals — all without an exorbitant initial investment.

A Low Initial Investment and Strong Revenue Potential Make the Brand an Attractive Option

The initial investment required to start a Christmas Decor business ranges from $19,550 to $62,250. In 2023, the average gross revenue for Christmas Decor franchisees was $399,993, and the top-performing franchise reported over $5 million in revenue.

The low barrier to entry makes Christmas Decor ownership incredibly accessible, and dedicated owners have the option to scale, bring in higher revenues and reinvest in their business. 

“The majority of work Christmas Decor teams do takes place at customers’ homes. Because our owners don’t have to have an extravagant office or retail storefront, overhead costs stay low,” said Stephens. “This frees up funds that owners can use to propel their businesses forward even more quickly and build more wealth.”

Christmas Decor’s Seasonal Model Makes It the Perfect Fit for Owners With Diverse Interests

A Christmas Decor business cannot be entirely ignored in the off months, but it requires far less attention outside of the holiday season. The most labor-intensive seasons are fall and winter when teams begin to market the business, install decor then take displays down after the holidays. Because of this, the brand is a great fit for entrepreneurs looking to concentrate on business during the colder months.

This most commonly manifests in two ways. 

Many business owners notice a dip in demand and revenue in the colder months. This is most common for seasonal businesses like lawn care and pest control. Established owners in these sectors can invest in a Christmas Decor franchise and begin to market new services to an existing customer base that already knows and trusts them. This increases revenue and supports owners in maintaining strong teams that would otherwise be out of work.

Bill Cowley, a Christmas Decor franchisee who also owns a pest control company, explained how the two businesses come together to create balance for him.

“We’ve been in the pest control business since 1991, so we’ve been at it for over 30 years. That’s what we do. We just get a little slower in the wintertime,” he explained. “But we are very busy in the spring, summer and fall. Once you get to November, December, January, February and even the first part of March, there’s always a period where the residential part of our business, which is a big part of our business, gets much slower.”

Simply put, Cowley can continue to offer work to his employees and maintain steady revenue for himself.

New entrepreneurs can use Christmas Decor as a platform to break into the industry and begin their ownership journey in a lower-pressure model. Once they have built up their Christmas Decor business, they can rely on predictable revenue during the colder months, and the remainder of their year is free for other ventures. Some people use this time to pursue personal ventures while others take advantage of additional business models that have opposite busy seasons, creating balanced demand year-round.

Franchisees Can Capture Multiple Streams of Revenue Without Leaving The Decor Group Umbrella

Christmas Decor owners can easily capture multiple streams of revenue through a Nite Time Decor business. Both brands are partners with The Decor Group, so franchisees can expand with a familiar team and support system.

The addition of the Nite Time Decor business model allows franchisees to stay within the outdoor lighting industry while expanding services to capture revenue all year long. Nite Time Decor offers outdoor lighting systems that increase safety and security, spotlight the beauty of architecture and landscaping, and enhance the curb appeal of a home. These outcomes are accomplished through spotlights, stake lights, solar lights and more, and additional tools like bluetooth connection and timing boxes mean Nite Time Decor owners can deliver a wide range of results.

With both a Christmas Decor and Nite Time Decor business, owners can position themselves as local experts for any outdoor lighting needs a homeowner may need, creating more trust and loyalty and encouraging repeat and referral revenue.

Christmas Decor’s established brand identity, proven model, ongoing demand and flexibility make it a top competitor in the home services franchise space. For entrepreneurs looking to build wealth and increase their community impact, the brand offers a flexible model that rises above other home services concepts to fit almost any lifestyle and ownership goal.

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