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How This Christmas Decor Franchisee Sees Year-Round Revenue to Supplement His Other Seasonal Business

The holiday decorating franchise offers a great supplemental business for people who are busy in the summer and have downtime in the winter by keeping revenue coming in and staff employed.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
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Christmas Decor, the leading holiday decorating brand in the U.S. and Canada, was originally created to offer landscapers and outdoor business owners — including pest control companies, irrigation companies, roofing companies and tree care companies — a reliable way to offset fixed overhead costs, maintain key employees year-round and generate new income streams during the off-season. Now, this strong business model has resulted in double-digit revenue increases year-over-year for the last 11 years, and Christmas Decor is looking to grow in markets across the U.S. and Canada.

Arnie Arsenault, a Christmas Decor franchisee based in Massachusetts, is a prime example of how established business owners can expand their portfolio to supplement seasonal revenue. 

“My career has always been in the landscaping industry,” said Arsenault. “My parents started a landscape design, construction and maintenance company, and when I got out of high school, I went to college and studied landscape operations in Massachusetts. Over time my career progressed in landscape management, and then, when I was 23, my father died suddenly and I took over his company, along with my younger brother and brother-in-law.”

As Arsenault began to grow the business, named A. Arsenault & Sons Inc., he began to realize it was very difficult to keep employees coming back year-round. “I was using up all of my savings to make it through the winter,” he said. “I knew that if that was happening for me, it was likely happening for other employees as well. In 1998, I was reading in a trade magazine about Christmas Decor and thought it'd be the perfect fit. That year, I attended the Boston Landscape Show and met the Christmas Decor founder. We had a lengthy conversation, and I decided that franchising with Christmas Decor would be a great addition to my portfolio.”

Since signing on with the brand in 1998, Arsenault says the holiday lighting service has become a critical component for the business, providing additional cash flow and the opportunity to retain key employees. 

In addition to Christmas Decor, Arsenault also invested in another The Decor Group brand, Nite Time Decor, in 1999. As the world’s leading provider of low-voltage landscape lighting products, Nite Time Decor’s services offer franchisees a 25%-30% increase to their seasonal sales.

“In 2013, our Christmas Decor business was doing very well, and we were looking for more avenues to grow the company for year-round revenue,” said Arsenault. “What I find with the holiday season is that it gives you employment opportunities in the beginning of the year, but then there is a gap in February and March. To help close that gap, and I also invested in WeedMan, which has allowed us to expand our lawn care footprint. We also have been able to create an infrastructure of divisional managers. For example, my son handles all Christmas and outdoor lighting sales. So, if we get a call in February asking for Christmas decorations, he is on it. With other brands, you may not be prepared to take that call during the off-season.” 

Arsenault says Christmas Decor’s ability to service commercial clients has also helped him maintain year-round revenue. “When we originally invested in the brand, it was sold as a residential service,” he said. “Christmas Decor realized over time that there was an opportunity in the commercial world. That has helped us develop a business mix that includes both residential and commercial clients. Commercial clients can result in longer, maturing projects. It can sometimes take years to land them, but once you do, it is a long-term relationship. Commercial clients also begin planning their budgets for the holiday season early in the first quarter, which means an extended money-making season.” 

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, Arsenault says the demand for both Christmas Decor and his landscaping business have been higher than ever.

“People have been wanting more joy in their life, and with Christmas Decor, we can bring that to them,” said Arsenault. “COVID is still a very real threat, and with people spending more time at home and not vacationing as much, they want to make sure it is a place where they can enjoy the holidays. We are seeing that on the landscaping side as well — home service sales in general have been tremendous.”

With this increased demand, Arsenault says his Christmas Decor sales grew by 21% in 2021, while previous years usually averaged at around 8% growth. Looking ahead, Arsenault says he hopes to grow another 20% this year.

“The Decor Group brands are created to help franchisees generate year-round revenue and supplement other seasonal businesses,” said Brandon Stephens, president of Christmas Decor. “Now, after experiencing some of our strongest growth yet over the past two years, we are excited to continue partnering with franchisees and giving them the opportunity to service their communities all year-round.”

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About Christmas Decor

Founded in 1986 by Blake Smith, Christmas Decor has become the leading holiday decorating brand in the U.S. and Canada. Originally created as an off-season supplement to the landscaping business, the Texas-based franchise now brings holiday cheer to over 300 communities across North America, ultimately creating jobs for 3,000-plus seasonal workers that might otherwise be unemployed. Backed by a strong business model and double-digit revenue increase year-over-year for the last 11 years, Christmas Decor is looking to grow in markets across the U.S. and Canada. For more information on Christmas Decor, please visit

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