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Club Industry: REGYMEN Fitness Turns To Communication and Enhanced Resources To Survive The COVID-19 Outbreak

REGYMEN Fitness co-founder and CSO EK Navan explains how the brand has pivoted to online workouts and equipment rental to stay engaged with clients.

EK Navan, co-founder and CSO of REGYMEN Fitness, wrote an article for Club Industry on how the fitness franchise has handled sustaining its brand and maintaining trust with both franchisees and loyal customers while doors temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consistent communication and online engagement have been critical to staying on the same page with franchisees as well as members.

“Our solutions have since evolved around five major points: increased communication and support for both franchisees and customers, a shift to online content, providing customers with access to exercise equipment and enhanced technology, a focus on being able to pivot and evolving our platforms in order to thrive when we are again open for business,” writes Navan.

Thanks to support from its vendor partners, REGYMEN Fitness has also been able to provide equipment bundles for clients to use at home for a special rate.

Read the full article by Navan on Club Industry here.