Comparing Dunkin's Oldest and Newest Stores
Comparing Dunkin's Oldest and Newest Stores

Business Insider visited Quincy, Massachusetts to take in the differences between Dunkin’s original location and its next-generation stores.

Earlier this year, Dunkin’ dropped ‘Donuts’ from its name and embarked upon a $100 million rebranding effort that involved revamping its existing locations. The first of Dunkin’s so-called next-generation stores popped up in Quincy, Massachusetts, which also happens to be the where the coffee giant’s original location was established in 1950.

Recently, Business Insider headed to Quincy to compare Dunkin’s first store--original facade still intact-- and its store of the future, both of which are owned by the same franchisees, Victor and Octavio Carvalho.

The visuals reveal just how much the chain has evolved in its 68-year history. Check out the full article here.