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AdWeek: On St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson Is Serving Up Innovative Ads Via Twitter, Snapchat and Uber
The whiskey brand is pulling out all of the stops for its biggest holiday.

Marketers of alcohol are having quite a bit of fun with digital this St. Patrick’s Day. According to a recent AdWeek article, Jameson is engaging users on Twitter, SnapChat and even Uber with advertising. Bud Light is also getting in on the action with SnapChat sponsored lenses.

The whiskey brand is offering Twitter users the chance to get a free T-shirt delivered to them within two hours if they see one of the brand’s sponsored tweets. Jameson will also have SnapChat geofilters set up and targeted to 75 bar districts across the country.

Along with Uber, Jameson will be offering free rides courtesy of the brand for up to $10 on UberX and Uber Pool. This deal will only be available in select cities including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Houston.

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