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Huntington Herald-Dispatch: Brother Owners Celebrate 10th Anniversary with Pita Pit
Nathan and Stetson Myers reflect on entrepreneurial career with fresh grilled, flavor filled brand

Nathan and Stetson Myers, brother-owner duo with Pita Pit, decided to open the Huntington location in 2007, carrying on the family tradition.

"Our parents, Doug and Donna Myers, owned the Peanut Shoppe next to Keith-Albee Theater for years, so entrepreneurship is in our blood," Nathan told the Herald-Dispatch reporter. "We knew we wanted it to be a locally owned, family tradition."

Before the Pita Pit arrival, Huntington had been one of the unhealthiest cities in America, and the Myers brothers were excited to change up the offerings. They opened up a location at 1216 4th Avenue, close to Marshall University.

"We fell in love with this location because we are close enough to campus, but also very close to many downtown businesses," Nathan said. "We feel like we are right in the middle of the college world and the business world. Those were our two target markets."

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