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Fast Casual: KFC in China spins off a fast casual chain with face recognition payment kiosk
Customers need only smile in order to complete their purchase.

KFC fans in China have something new to smile about. According to a recent article in Fast Casual, the brand has introduced a new concept called KPRO, which features facial recognition software. Customers need only smile in order to complete their purchase.
Currently, KPRO is available in Hangzhou, China. The kiosk-based location offers a greenhouse style design with an open kitchen and seasonal menu which includes salads, paninis and roasted chicken.

The concept will not offer traditional ordering systems. Consumers can either use the kiosks to place orders or their own cell phones. The technology, created by Alipay, will verify the user's identity using a combination of facial recognition and their mobile number.

"Yum China has a history of adopting innovative technologies to enhance in-store dining experience, and we could think of no better place to pilot this advanced technology," said the director of Ant Financial, the company behind the new technology.

Read the full article here.