Checkers & Rally's Reignites Food Wars After Taco Bell's Fry Launch

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Checkers & Rally's Reignites Food Wars After Taco Bell's Fry Launch
Checkers & Rally's Reignites Food Wars After Taco Bell's Fry Launch
30-year leader in fast food fries stands its ground with bold full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times, offers "deliciously seasoned pointers" to Taco Bell

Checkers & Rally’s, the iconic and innovative drive-thru restaurant franchise known for its “Crazy Good Food," is never one to back down from a challenge. In 2016, the 870+ unit brand went head-to-head with Burger King in the “Wiener Wars,” with a full-page ad in USA Today reminding the world that Checkers & Rally’s was the pioneer in fast food hot dogs. The ad led to a 200 percent increase in hot dogs sold over the same typical time period, cementing its status as hot dog leader. Now, as Taco Bell launches its fry offering, Checkers & Rally’s is once again standing its ground and making a bold offer to a wannabe challenger in the space.

When the news of Taco Bell’s fries broke, the 870+ unit chain launched a full-page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times, in Taco Bell’s backyard, as a formal announcement that the brand is up for a fry fight. The ad invites Taco Bell employees in to any Checkers & Rally’s restaurant for some “deliciously seasoned pointers” and to learn the art of the fry from the experts.

“Checkers & Rally’s has been the fast food fry leader for more than 30 years – and we’re always up for some friendly competition,” said Terri Snyder, Chief Marketing Officer of Checkers & Rally’s. “Whether it’s Burger King rolling out hot dogs or Taco Bell launching fries, we’re excited about other brands helping us spread the gospel of fast food. The fact is, we do it best – and at the best value – and will continue to do so long after Taco Bell’s fries have come and gone.”

The brand’s claim that its fries are the best isn’t lip service; Checkers & Rally’s has the industry accolades to back it up. In 2017, the brand’s Famous Seasoned Fries landed the #1 spot on Restaurant Business’ list of the “Top 10 Most Craveable Chain Fries” and in 2015 were named #1 Fries by Yahoo!.

“To say that our guests love our fries would be an understatement. We’ve built our business from the very beginning on our Famous Seasoned Fries,” said Rick Silva, President and CEO of Checkers & Rally’s. “And while we welcome Taco Bell to the space, true Fast Foodies know where to get the best fries – that’s Checkers and Rally’s, no question.”