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No Assembly Required with Remodeling Franchises
Prospective candidates don’t need a knack for design to succeed with a brand like Kitchen Solvers
Home renovations are something that everyone has to deal with. From caulking a crack in a wall to tightening a leaky faucet, everyone in some way has a little bit of Bob Vila in them. Even if you don’t deserve your own HGTV program, that shouldn’t deter you from taking the leap into owning a remodeling franchise

If home improvement is the business you want to be in, then consider investing in the kitchen-remodeling brand Kitchen Solvers. Kitchen remodeling is a $66 billion industry, and according to the 2016 Houzz State of the Industry report, 28 to 34 percent of experts in the construction and remodeling industry believe their revenues will increase by about 16 percent in 2016. Having the opportunity to be a part of a robust industry is one reason to invest with Kitchen Solvers, but there are additional perks. Those who franchise are able to set their own hours, secure a steady source of income and grow with the company. And with start-up costs ranging from $80,700 to $128,285, investing in the brand is approachable for a wide range of prospective candidates.

Zach Nolte, chief development officer at Kitchen Solvers, said having an inherent love of design is a great quality to possess when it comes to owning a home improvement franchise, but it’s not entirely necessary. Instead, he emphasized that the main attribute needed when considering investing is a readiness to grow.

“The biggest part of being a Kitchen Solvers franchisee is having the vision to grow the business. We want people who understand marketing and can sell,” Nolte said. “Remodeling and construction is a part of the business that you can hire or subcontract out. Your job as a franchisee is to be the consultant, and you don’t need a strong knowledge base about remodeling or types of products to get started. We have the programs in place to teach you and get you comfortable with it.”

Jorge Goncalves is one of those Kitchen Solvers franchisees that didn’t necessarily have a background in interior design, but felt that he could succeed with the brand and grow his business. With a degree in Architecture, Goncalves is familiar with what it takes to develop a building, but knew it would take more than a background in architecture to be great at kitchen remodels.

“I wanted to own a business for a long time. I didn’t feel comfortable enough to do it on my own, since this was my first time. Therefore, a franchise was the perfect fit, because it provided the guidance and support I needed,” Goncalves said. “My intuition kept bringing me back to the kitchen remodeling business. I decided to go with Kitchen Solvers because I felt the franchisor cared enough about each franchisee to get to know them individually, provide training to support their weaknesses while complementing their strengths. Kitchen Solvers allows franchisees to stay constantly motivated.”

So far he has found success with the brand, and he’s hoping to double his sales next year and reach the $1 million mark by the time his business reaches its fourth or fifth year. He has also just contracted a designer to help him with his bold expansion plans.

“There are two types of people out there,” Goncalves said. “There are those that feel comfortable working for a company and there are those that are business owners. You have to find out which one you are. If you are the type to own a business, but need some support, Kitchen Solvers is the company you want to invest in.”

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