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Young Ones to Watch: Scott Thompson
Premium Franchise Brands Vice President of Franchise Development finds wings with JAN-PRO and Maid Right

Scott Thompson has tried a little bit of everything—franchisor, franchisee (Fitness Together), supplier (FranConnect)—before landing in his current role as vice president of franchise development for Premium Franchise Brands, the franchisor of Jan-Pro and Maid Right. In his current leadership position, he has cross-applied his experiences to lead success.

Why do you love franchising?
I love franchising because it allowed me at a young age to become an entrepreneur with the support of a larger more established company. I love building brands and watching them catch fire throughout the country and every time I drive by one, I’m reminded that I had an impact on this community. Franchising truly has impacted my life by allowing me to reach my full potential as a professional and I have been able to attain my personal and financial goals. Every day I go to work I get to help people who are in transition realize their full potential by becoming entrepreneurs and for this I am grateful for franchising!
What is the top challenge facing young people in franchising?
Young people in franchising have grown up in a society with disruptive technologies such as Uber, Airbnb and so many other brands that have change the way we live our lives. With that being said, when they become part of a franchise system, they want to be a part of implementing and changing the way the franchisor might do certain tasks or processes and they might hit resistance with the team. This may lead to frustration and cause them to move on. I recommend that young people show patience and maturity. Be consistent, show data and results and over time and your ideas of more efficient ways of doing things will be embraced.
What is your dream position/goal?
My dream position is to be the CEO/President of a great franchise company where the mission of that company is to help as many people as possible through franchising. My ultimate goal is to be able to retire in my 50’s and to have a large portfolio of real estate holdings and franchise investments that allow me to travel to world with my wife and family.
To connect with Scott Thompson on LinkedIn, click here.