Domino’s Dabbles in Cashless Stores
Domino’s Dabbles in Cashless Stores

The fast casual pizza chain pilots cashless initiative in Australia.

As customers gradually demand faster and faster service, even cash is proving to be too slow for some. According to an article on Restaurant Dive, Domino’s recently unveiled a cashless payment system at five locations in Australia where customers are only allowed to pay with card or online apps. Many stores are opting for this controversial method as a way to cut lines and reduce wait times. 

Earlier this year, Philadelphia became the first U.S. city to ban cashless stores on the basis of financial discrimination. Still, companies such as Sweetgreen, Shake Shack and even McDonald’s have continued experimenting with cashless concepts. 

The system greatly appeals to QSR chains, especially when they are looking to emphasize app usage and online delivery. 

While the concept is gaining popularity among the younger generation, the eagerness to go cashless is far from universal. According to the article, a recent study revealed that 55% of U.S. mobile users hate the idea of living without cash. 

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