Domino’s Plans On Using Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles in Houston
Domino’s Plans On Using Self-Driving Delivery Vehicles in Houston

The robots are taking over and they’re bringing Domino’s!

According to an article on Quartz, “the pizza chain announced yesterday that it has entered into a partnership with Nuro, a robotics delivery start-up, to test using its robots to transport pizzas from a store in Houston.”

Cosimo Leipold, Nuro’s head of partner relations, told Quartz that “the company will likely be working with one of Domino’s corporate-owned stores (97% of the outlets are franchised) by the last quarter of 2019, but the store hasn’t been chosen yet,” according to the article.

Nuro has worked with other businesses in the Houston area, such as the grocery store chain Kroger, to develop their autonomous delivery vehicles. According to the article, “the three-year-old company is applying what it’s learned from working with Kroger and its customers to the world of pizza delivery.”

Domino’s likes to think of itself as a technology-forward company. “Working with Nuro isn’t the first time [Domino’s has] tried to replace delivery with robots,” the article continued. “It partnered with Flirtey to deliver pizzas by autonomous drones in New Zealand and even built its own delivery robot in Australia.”

Customers in the greater Houston will hopefully soon have the simple option of ‘robot delivery’ when ordering their Domino’s pizza.

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