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Eight Emerging Education Franchises You Should Know

Having franchised for a decade or less, these education franchises are not nearly as established as others in the industry, but unique attributes set them apart as they continue to grow.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
Updated 12:12PM 07/13/22

Education franchises have long-provided fruitful business opportunities as parents look to prioritize their children’s education and enrichment opportunities. However, as families nationwide continue working to combat the learning loss associated with COVID-related school disruptions, more and more people are looking to after-school and other supplemental educational programs to support their children.

Here are eight education franchises that are just getting started:

Bluekey Education

  • Initial Investment: $105,000 – $269,000
  • Existing Units: 6

For entrepreneurs looking to establish a business internationally, Bluekey Education has been the #1 supplemental higher education franchise in Canada, according to its website. The brand offers support to high school graduates, international students and mature students as they pursue higher education, establishing a unique offer in the larger education market, which largely caters to grade-school-aged students.

Best Brains Learning Centers

  • Initial Investment: $16,500 – $78,700
  • Existing Units: 137

Best Brains Learning Centers provides a low student-to-teacher ratio with certified educators, allowing students to receive supplemental instruction on official educational standards. According to its website, state-certified teachers can open their own Best Brains center for an initial investment of as low as $3,000, making this an incredibly competitive option for educators looking to reach beyond the classroom.

Parker-Anderson Enrichment

  • Initial Investment: $41,880 – $117,000
  • Existing Units: 20

Founded in 1986, Parker-Anderson Enrichment did not begin franchising until 2014, giving the brand and its leadership plenty of time to perfect the proven business model. Parker-Anderson is unique in that it provides franchise owners an opportunity for multiple streams of year-round income, offering support within schools, community centers, summer camps and more.

Ivy Kids Systems

  • Initial Investment: $1,053,500 – $5,505,000
  • Existing Units: 17

Ivy Kids Systems delivers a unique offering to families of young children, incorporating an active learning curriculum to early childhood care. The brand also shows concern for a child's overall wellbeing, implementing “Brain Bites,” a school nutrition program specifically catered to providing the nutrients young children need for proper development.

Bricks Bots & Beakers

  • Initial Investment: $29,600 – $37,500
  • Existing Units: 24

Bricks Bots & Beakers, or B3, provides an after-school, summer and enrichment program that focuses specifically on STEAM — science, technology, engineering, art and math — in the context of camps, parties, field trips and workshops. The brand positions itself as “the widest STEAM offering in the industry for less than the price of a mid-level new car,” allowing franchisees access to a specialized business for a relatively low initial investment.

Challenge Island

  • Initial Investment: $48,300 – $62,950
  • Existing Units: 163

Challenge Island provides a mobile, STEAM, project-based learning business in a rare, screen-free environment. Franchisees can provide unique, hands-on learning experiences and secure multiple income streams through on-site field trips, camps, virtual programs, Girl Scout workshops and more.

Skill Samurai

  • Initial Investment: $104,115 – $307,950
  • Existing Units: 15

Skill Samurai is currently operating in the U.S., Canada and Latin America and is launching in Australia and Asia soon. The brand allows franchisees to run a business in a mobile format, online-only or a physical location. According to its website, Skill Samurai offers more exciting tutoring for students and carries less stigma.

Casa de Corazón

  • Initial Investment: $738,000 – $3,900,000
  • Existing Units: 6

Operating in the U.S. where foreign language education for young children is less and less common, Casa de Corazón provides a Spanish immersion program that also emphasizes sustainability and social responsibility, better preparing children for their futures by providing a form of education that often is not available until much later in one’s academic career.