Executive Q&A with Elements Massage® CEO Susan Lintonsmith
Executive Q&A with Elements Massage® CEO Susan Lintonsmith

Elements Massage CEO shares why she was drawn to the brand and her vision for the future

What about the Elements Massage brand makes it unique within its industry?

First, I love that Elements Massage was started by a massage therapist. Today, the brand is still focused on massage therapists. Our approach is that we encourage owners to take care of their therapists, so they take care of clients. Therapists have many options for places to work, so we try to create a brand culture where they choose to work. 

We are different because we only focus on massage therapy. We are experts in therapeutic massage and help address needs ranging from stress relief and relaxation to pain management. We aren’t a spa and don’t do facials, etc.. Our mission is to improve lives by helping  clients feel better. We start by asking the right questions to make sure clients and our massage therapists are matched appropriately. Through our Service Path training, Elements Massage therapists are trained to ask clients the right questions at the right time during the massage session to ensure they are addressing the client’s needs and  allowing for a personalized experience. It’s about giving the client the personalized massage they need to feel their best in a safe and trusting environment.

Why is the Elements Massage brand a good investment?

Massage services benefit all ages and demographics, and the increased focus on health and wellness in today’s culture translates to a growing demand for the benefits of massage therapy. We know the impact of stress on the health of our clients. More and more, people are understanding the importance of massage therapy to manage stress and feel their best physically and mentally.

As a Support Center, we focus on providing the tools, training and communication needed to help our franchisees be successful. Based on our experience, we know the business can be profitable. Our brand has enjoyed double digit same-store sales every year for over a decade and has already grown to 250 units and counting.

Elements Massage also has great recurring revenue with its membership program, which incents clients to join because they can receive a massage at least once a month at a less expensive rate. 

What have been some of the brand's most important milestones over the past five years?

We are opening our 250th studio this year, which is a testament to the quality of our brand and its growth. When [WellBiz Brands CEO] Jeremy Morgan was hired at Elements Massage, he brought on an experienced group of people who genuinely want to help our franchisees. It’s been evident in the success we’ve seen in the short time since. 

The caliber of hires at the corporate level over the last year has been very important. At our core, we’re a franchisee-focused organization. There are other franchised businesses, but we are structured and focused on supporting our franchisees to help them beg as successful as possible. 

We also recently launched a CBD Herbal Ritual™ massage service. Elements Massage is the first brand to launch that nationally, with over half of the system launching in May. Our Himalayan salt stone massage service is another significant milestone for the brand. Innovation to help us further own restorative and therapeutic massage continues to be a core focus for our brand.

What plans does the brand have in the coming years?

I’ll be driving the innovation to make sure that we continue to solidify ourselves as experts in the therapeutic massage space. We will continue to focus on offering personalized massages to deliver on our client’s needs, whether for mental health, pain relief, releasing toxins, dealing with illnesses, or post-surgery support. 

Technology is another opportunity for us to make sure we are making it as easy as possible for clients to schedule appointments with us. Using technology to message clients, to follow up and provide information, and to receive feedback on the brand’s services adds to our personalized offering, and in turn, helps franchisees by providing a truly personalized service to their clients. 

We want to make sure the brand is an employer of choice for massage therapists, too. Continuing to grow the brand reputation and hone in on our culture is very important.. We want to have ongoing education opportunities and defined career paths so franchisees retain great therapists. We are only as good as they are. We have great clients because of our great therapists. 

What does an ideal franchisee look like?

Our ideal franchisee is someone who is passionate about the massage and health and wellness industry. This person truly believes in the benefits of massage therapy and is passionate about the opportunity to help improve lives through our services. He or she should also be a people person, because we are in the people business. They should understand the importance of taking care of their team members and clients. Our ideal franchisee has the ability to invest in people, recruits and retains quality team members, appreciates and maintains high-quality service and understands how to run a profit and loss statement (P&L).

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