How Elements Massage® Relaxes and Rejuvenates Each Client Through a Fully Personalized Experience
How Elements Massage® Relaxes and Rejuvenates Each Client Through a Fully Personalized Experience

With constant innovation, a convenient membership model and services highly customized to every client, every visit, Elements Massage® provides top customer service while maximizing the benefits of massage therapy.

No two bodies are the same, so no two massages should be, either. That’s why Elements Massage® tailors the therapeutic experience to every client, every session.

It’s no wonder Newsweek ranked the Elements Massage brand No. 1 in the “Spa, Wellness and Beauty” category of its 2019 Best Customer Service list.

Elements Massage’s commitment to providing the best experience available on the market has shaped the brand since its founding in 2006 by an experienced massage therapist. Today, with approximately 250 locations around the U.S., Elements Massage has grown to be one of the most recognizable and trusted massage brands in the country.

Elements Massage therapists are highly trained to channel the healing and restorative power of massage therapy as an integral component of overall health and wellness. Elements Massage therapists know the importance of clear communication, listening to clients and adjusting services often to ensure each person walks away truly relaxed, rejuvenated and relieved.

The personalization process starts even before a client sets foot in a studio, as staff begin gathering insights into the client’s needs and goals for the session at the time of scheduling. They then match the client with the massage therapist best suited for their individual needs.

“Therapists also give professional recommendations at the end of every massage to help extend the benefits of each 60 or 90-minute session,” said Kirsten Helgeland, Vice President of Marketing Operations at Elements Massage. “We help clients get the most out of a massage through education on stretching, staying hydrated, and more. We go the extra mile not because we have to, but because we want to.” 

In addition to training expert therapists, Elements Massage is the first brand in the industry to appoint a Chief Wellness Officer in Eric Stephenson, an experienced massage therapist himself. Stephenson innovates services and improves upon what the brand offers with a singular goal to deliver the best massage experience possible across the U.S. 

For one, Elements Massage is the first franchise brand of its scale to offer CBD massage through its Herbal Ritual™ service. In connection with its relationship with CBD CareGarden, LLC, the Elements Massage brand has developed a line of proprietary CBD blends that are 0.00 percent THC and offer all the benefits of cannabidiol, such as helping to ease muscle and joint tension, decrease inflammation and ushering in a relaxing sense of emotional calm.

Unlike studios that offer a flat menu of one-size-fits-all choices, each customized Elements Massage experience may incorporate different types of massages and services depending on the client’s needs. A few of the brand’s most popular techniques include deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, stretch massage and trigger point massage. The franchise is also rolling out cupping therapy across its studios soon, and launched AromaRitual®, an aromatherapy treatment, last year.

Massage therapy, which is based on the human body’s ability to heal itself naturally, offers a prescription-free, non-invasive treatment for a variety of ailments. The physical and mental therapeutic benefits of massage are many, and benefit everyone from office employees to busy moms to professional athletes.

 “Basically, every single person can benefit from massage therapy, whether that’s migraine relief, easing the strain of looking at your phone or computer, or performing better in everyday workouts. It goes so much further than relaxation or pampering,” said Helgeland. “Massage therapists are highly trained to help identify and address the root problem of pain and discomfort. We truly understand the benefits of this type of self-care.”

Many clients seek treatment for stress-related tension, a common complaint in today’s high-speed, digital world. Furthermore, therapeutic massage may offer certain benefits in treating muscle pain, spasms and cramping, lower back issues, high blood pressure, post-operative care, arthritis and depression. Massages have also been shown to increase circulation, stimulate the lymph system, release endorphins, relax muscles, increase joint flexibility and reduce migraine pain.

Most clients find their needs are met most comprehensively by receiving regular massage services at least once per month—which is why the Elements Massage brand offers monthly memberships with plenty of perks.

Through the Elements Wellness Program, members access discounted massages hassle-free with no long-term contract. Monthly massages included in the membership roll over at no additional charge and are even transferable to the member’s designated Associate Member, such as a spouse, parent or friend.

Most important, though, are the life-changing relationships cultivated between trusted professional therapists and Elements Wellness Program members, enhancing the experience even further and resulting in longer-lasting stress and pain relief.

 “The more often you come, the more history we are able to integrate into our services,” said Helgeland. “The more we learn about you, the better we can treat you. We can follow up and remind you of the benefits and how much more progress we can still make together.”

The initial investment for an Elements Massage studio ranges from $79,800 for a two-studio commitment to $199,000 for a 10-studio commitment. For more information, please visit https://elementsfranchise.com/.


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