Famous Toastery Franchisee Angela Goodman Leaves Corporate World To Become Small Business Owner
Famous Toastery Franchisee Angela Goodman Leaves Corporate World To Become Small Business Owner

A dedicated Famous Toastery fan brings better-breakfast to Virginia.

With the help of Angela Goodman, Virginia is about to get its first taste of Famous Toastery.

This might be her first foray into the world of franchising, but Goodman isn’t a stranger to the popular better-breakfast brand. Goodman grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina—Famous Toastery’s home turf. Since 2005, the restaurant has served the Charlotte area, and it quickly emerged as the city’s top spot for brunch. Goodman can testify to its popularity—she used to eat at Famous Toastery on a regular basis while living in North Carolina, and she quickly fell in love with their dedication to quality, innovation and detail.

But when Goodman moved to Loudon County in Virginia, she found that her search for a new favorite breakfast spot turned up dry, and the nearest Famous Toastery was nearly 300 miles away. Instead of settling for the nearest greasy spoon, Goodman did what any dedicated brunch fan would do—she would bring the brand’s delicious eggs benedict, omelets and French toast straight to her. And just like that, Goodman decided to franchise with Famous Toastery.

“Since 2001, I had been working in the HVAC industry. The experience was rewarding, but I had reached a point where I wanted to get into business for myself—I also knew that I wanted to be a part of the food industry,” Goodman said. “I never expected to get into franchising so soon, but when I found out that Famous Toastery was franchising, it prompted me to make the decision even sooner.”

Goodman hopes to open Virginia’s first Famous Toastery location in the summer of 2016. And fortunately for residents of Virginia, her storefront in Loudon County won’t be the only one—Goodman signed a multi-unit agreement with the brand, and she has plans to open an additional three locations by 2020.

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