Food Business News: Twelve restaurants on the rise
Food Business News: Twelve restaurants on the rise

Famous Toastery named restaurant on the rise from Technomic.

Sustainability, local sourcing and community involvement are a common theme around these 12 restaurants on the rise from the Technomic’s Restaurant Trends & Directions Conference held this June in Chicago. Among those named was Famous Toastery, an upscale breakfast and brunch franchise based in North Carolina.

“What they’re focused on is an upscale, more sophisticated breakfast,” Darren Tristano, executive vice president of Technomic Inc., told Food Business News. “It’s higher-end, polished and more brunch-oriented.”

At Famous Toastery you won’t find any fryers or freezers in the kitchen. That’s because the restaurants focus on using organic ingredients and local produce. Another factor that differentiates this franchise brand is its team-based approach to service. Famous Toastery’s tagline is “Where every server is your server,” promising customers the best service possible.

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