Why I Bought Famous Toastery
Why I Bought Famous Toastery

Two franchisees talk about what sets the breakfast/lunch spot apart from other eateries and why the brand is special.

Jason Serkin, who opened the first Famous Toastery franchise, in Tega Cay, S.C., said he had been impressed with the food at Toastery long before he bought in.

When he and his wife, Michelle, started looking for a franchise opportunity, they were drawn in by the atmosphere of Toastery, its fresh ingredients and the “community feel. That was very important to us.”

The sense of home and personality was appealing, he says.

“It didn’t feel like a franchise. It felt like family,” he said. “Other franchises felt more cookie-cutter. We scouted different restaurants. We went to many places, and this was by far the best.”

Opening the first franchise was a challenge, but “we were well-prepared. We got lots of help from corporate. This was a good match.”

Serkin and his wife have signed on for four more Toastery locations. Their second location is set to open in November and he expects the success he’s enjoyed to blossom even more.

Dean Kessel, who has a Toastery franchise in Cary, N.C., also was impressed by the Toastery model. He and his wife, Beth, moved from Charlotte to Cary, in eastern North Carolina, to open their Toast Café (all the names are being changed to Famous Toastery) about one year ago.

“It’s been very gratifying. We were a new brand in the area, and people tried us out and loved it. People came back because the quality of the food and the service is great,” he says.

The service is a big part of what’s special about Toastery. The servers know the return customers and their favorites and their food is always cooked fresh and delivered quickly.

Kessel says the average ticket time is an astonishing 4 to 7 minutes. “The eggs are made and they get out,” he says. The speedy food runners are in great shape, he jokes.

Kessel says there are three main reasons he and his wife bought into Toastery. Kessel says he felt the breakfast category was underserved and that “we could make a go with that.”

Secondly, he says, the people at the top of Toastery are “impressive, quality people who do what they say they’re gonna do.”

Also, the dishes and service model are “unparalleled. People marvel at how we cook eggs, for instance. We have great recipes.”

Those winning concepts just made sense, he says.

“You bundle all those things together and you’ve got something special.”