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Fast Casual: 3 Final-Hour Moves to Master This Year’s Shorter Tax-Filing Timeframe

Check out these tips to consider when filing taxes this year.

Whereas businesses have historically been able to distribute 1099 and W-2 copies and file with the IRS or SSA by March 30th, the deadline has been pushed up to January 31st this year. That’s an entire two months less of time than businesses have had in the past. Gathering that many business owners might be scrambling to meet this new deadline, Fast Casual rounded up some tips to help businesses get taxes settled in time.

For one, Fast Casual warns business owners that there will be higher fines this year for missing deadlines. According to the publication, the penalty for not filing the correct returns by the due dates is based on when the correct forms are filed. Anothing thing to consider is double checking your information to avoid making typical mistakes, like dollar amounts, name spelling and Social Security numbers.

The final tips Fast Casual offers is to take advantage of cloud-based e-file services, which streamline the filing process.

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