Fast Casual: Catering to College Kids' Food Expectations
Fast Casual: Catering to College Kids' Food Expectations

Millennial consumers are looking for quality, affordable food and a social environment when dining out.

The competition for millennial business is heating up in the restaurant industry. And in order to come out on top, brands have to cater to a different set of tastes and expectations than they have in the past.

According to a Fast Casual article, today’s college students aren’t as interested in junk food as previous generations were. Instead, they’re more concerned with quality and nutrition, even when ordering from traditional fast food chains. They also expect their food to be affordable.

But a higher level of quality and an economic price aren’t the only things getting millennial consumers to spend money at quick-service and fast casual restaurants. A recent study conducted by the marketing insights agency Fluent found that a restaurant’s social environment is a key differentiator. In fact, the study’s respondents said that having a place to socialize is even more important than having something to eat.

In a press release, Michael Carey, executive vice president of Fluent, said, “The next wave of consumers starts with a higher set of expectations for engagement than past generations [for] food that is tasty yet affordable, made with quality ingredients and a social environment.”

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