Fast Company: Which Is Better, Exercising Before or After Work?
Fast Company: Which Is Better, Exercising Before or After Work?

When it comes to your fitness routine, is it better to be a night owl or early bird?

In a
recent article, Fast Company answered one of the biggest questions facing the
industry today.

The article asked various fitness coaches whether it’s better to work out in the morning or evening. And, turns out, it doesn’t matter!

"There is no hard and fast research that says either morning or night exercise is better," personal trainer Maurice Williams told Fast Company. "However, there are certainly benefits to doing either depending on the person."

Regardless of the time of day, exercising helps to boost your metabolism, improve your mood, and eliminate stress.

Although it doesn’t matter what time of day you work out, there are pro and cons to both AM and PM workouts. A morning workout gives you a mental boost but comes with an increased risk of injury. Evening workouts are more optimal for strength training, but they may disrupt your sleeping patterns

Find a time and place that accommodate your fitness routine, then get to work!

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