Saladworks Introduces Life Bar Kiosk Saladworks Introduces Life Bar Kiosk

The nation's largest fresh-tossed salad franchise unveils environment where diners can meet their menu preferences

Saladworks is refreshing its image and focusing on the technology-savvy consumer.

The 30-year-old franchise brand thinks it is time to make an environment where diners can choose ingredients that meet their personal menu preferences. 
The remodeled Saladworks restaurants, will allow customers to browse dietary preferences on a touchscreen and use a drop-down menu to order from the newly designed Life Bar kiosk.

"You can pick a lifestyle like low-calorie, high-protein or vegan," said Jan Talamo, chief creative officer at Think-Traffic, a marketing agency that has been working with Saladworks on its rebranding initiative. "You can pick a known branded diet like Weight Watchers. Or if you have a food allergy…you can click on as many of these as you want to create a pallet for yourself. It will show you your available options in those categories."

With 97 franchise locations in 14 states and two countries, Saladworks has remodeled its corporately owned Andorra, Pennsylvania, location to present the first Life Bar kiosk.

"We needed to connect consumers in a high-tech, high-touch way to interact with our brand and to access our brand," said Pat Sugrue, Saladworks president and CEO. "Beyond just the ambiance of the restaurant, we needed to rethink the service offering in light of a changing consumer."
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