Focus on Food with MOOYAH's Director of Franchise Development
Focus on Food with MOOYAH's Director of Franchise Development

The better burger brand will open its 100th location by year's end.

Since 2007, MOOYAH Burgers, Fries & Shakes has been serving up some of the best fast-casual eating options in the U.S.
Priding themselves on offering a “better burger” concept, while also offering hand-cut Idaho French fries, real ice cream shakes and more, the Texas-based brand has consistently been recognized among one of the top franchise opportunities in the country.
Ardag Tachian, director of development for MOOYAH, recently shared his thoughts about the continued success of the burger chain—which was recently won the “Best in the Midwest Burger Contest”—and what the franchise’s plans are to remain among the top of the all-beef food chain. 
1851 Franchise: By the end of 2015, MOOYAH will hit a milestone of 100 locations, both nationally and internationally. What has made the brand so successful, and could you have predicted this level of success 8 years ago?
Ardag Tachian: "MOOYAH is poised to reach the 100 store mark in early 2016. This milestone will be achieved through the continued dedication of our franchise partners and the group of MOOYAH corporate professionals who support them on a daily basis."
1851: Having recently been recognized as the Midwest’s best burger, consumers have seemingly taken notice of MOOYAH’s quality – how has the brand managed to position itself ahead of their competitors
AT: "We are honored to have been recognized as the Midwest’s Best Burger. Our all-natural, never frozen beef, fresh cut Idaho fries, real ice cream shakes, and stellar guest service and hospitality allows us to shine in the competitive better burger segment."
1851: What has been the leading factor behind your ability to attract quality, qualified potential franchisees?
AT: "MOOYAH continues to attract competent franchise partners due to our positioning in the growing fast casual segment, attractive business model, and the simplicity of our menu and operations of our restaurants."
1851: What do you look for in a potential MOOYAH franchisee?
AT: "Aside from the customary financial and business experience requirements, we seek potential franchise partners who value the importance of hospitality and guest service."
1851: What can a franchisee expect out of a partnership with the brand?
AT: "Our undivided attention and focus on helping our franchise partners to be successful, achieve their business goals and to serve a quality product which will bring Guests back to the restaurant."
1851: As the brand continues to establish itself as the true “Better Burger” option, what are the plans for growth in 2016 and beyond?
AT: "2016 will be another year where MOOYAH will experience consistent, measured growth throughout the country, with our eventual goal of serving families and guests in all 50 US states."